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TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles: Jo’s Garage

What a difference a day makes!” – Jo

Before, Jo had a 240 sq. ft. lackluster garage that did not feel like part of the home. One day later, Jo had a beautiful garage floor with black and graphite TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. In Jo’s words, “the flooring is awesome,” and we don’t think we could say it any better. Her garage is the perfect example of a wall-to-wall installation with edges at the garage door.

The tiles are known for their strong and durable backing and stunning diamond profile. The profile is low and easy to roll toolboxes over. We love our American-made garage flooring tiles.

Jo’s Words:

My neighbor and I installed these tiles and finished this project in one day. This is a great product and a great company to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way my garage flooring turned out. This flooring is awesome! What a difference a day makes!

Jo’s Order:

  • 228 Black TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 212 Graphite TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 22 Black Female Edges

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tile Garage:


Jo’s garage was not in bad condition, it just was not as good as it could be. The garage takes up a lot of a home’s square footage. Make the most of that space by adding garage flooring and storage. Jo added flooring.  Now, her garage is next level.

Before TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles



The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles belong in this garage. The sleek pattern is a unique personal touch. You can design your garage using our flooring designer.

Like many of our garages, Jo’s garage holds a lot of storage material. A hanging storage shelf can definitely help accomplish this goal while also leaving lots of room for foot traffic or parking. How you design your garage and what you use it for is up to you – were just here to help you accomplish the job.

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