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We are loving the floor - Eric

Diamond Tiles – Eric’s Garage

We are Loving the Floor” – Eric

Eric installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles in his garage. The floor looks amazing. We are astonished by Eric’s garage design. Eric combined black, blue, red, and white HDXT Diamond tiles to create a horse, which looks amazing. “Behind” the horse there are bold lines that enhance the design. With our garage floor designer, it is simple to begin designing your garage floor today. Because the tiles come in so many different colors, the design options are virtually limitless.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles have a beautiful profile that is easy to roll over because of its low profile. The backing on the tile is strong, durable, and fungus resistant. With our garage floor tiles, mold is not a problem. The backing on the tile has channels that allow air to flow through the tile. Additionally, all of our tiles are American-made and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Eric’s Garage with TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles


Before installing the tiles, we recommend installing a landscaper fabric that you can purchase from your local hardware store. The fabric reduces the noise of the tiles while still allowing moisture to flow through and evaporate. In most garages, the installation takes a few hours. In a large garage like Eric’s, the installation may take longer.

Before tiles


Eric’s design looks amazing!

Eric's Horse with TLHDXT Diamond Tiles

Eric’s project was huge. The larger the space, the easier it is to make intricate designs.

Eric's Garage with Diamond tiles

The floor looks amazing!

Eric’s car has a brand new home in a beautiful garage.

Black Car on top of diamond tiles


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