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Graphite TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

Graphite Ribbed Tiles: Janet’s Garage

Janet installed the TrueLock HDXT Graphite Ribbed tiles in her garage. She utilized 540 graphite tiles in her wall-to-wall installation. At the garage door, there are graphite female edges that create a finished look. One of the major benefits of a single-color garage floor is that you get a nice-looking garage floor that is easy on the eyes. Additionally, a single-color install simplifies the process by eliminating the need to follow a pattern. Janet’s garage floor looks awesome!

Why Graphite Tiles?

The TrueLock HDXT Graphite Ribbed tiles are one of our most popular tiles. The graphite color is perfect for a customer that wants dark flooring while not showing debris off as quickly as a black tile. This factor is especially important to consider in a garage that one parks in.  For this reason, many customers actually substitute graphite for black tile in a checkerboard pattern. In addition to their color popularity, ribbed tiles are popular for their function. The ribbed tiles allow debris to flow through them rather than sitting on the surface of the tile. Because debris can flow through, the tile is safer to walk on. Underneath the tile is easily cleanable with a shop vac. The tiles are so low maintenance that we installed them in our showroom in Grand Junction, Colorado. The tiles are durable, mold-resistant, and American-made.

Janet’s Photos:

The Garage Door

At the garage door, you can install female edges to “finish” your garage. With the graphite ribbed tiles, Janet elected the graphite female edges. We have directions and graphics to install your tiles here.  You are always welcome to call us or chat with us on the website about the installation process. For the most part, a tile installation is straightforward.

HDXT Graphite Tiles at Garage Door

The Garage

Janet’s garage looks great! The graphite ribbed tiles match the vehicle and add a touch of class to the garage.

Grey car on TrueLock HDXT Graphite Ribbed Tiles

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