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Small Coin Mat: Brian’s Garage

Small Coin Mat: Brian’s Garage

Brian’s Small Coin Mat Project

“High Quality and Both Laid Flat” – Brian

Brian installed two BLT small coin mats in his garage that he recently epoxied. The mats are an awesome addition to his garage and complement the epoxy perfectly. He cut a spot in each mat for the floor drains. The BLT mats are easy to cut and modify according to your needs.

The small coin mat design is a customer favorite because it has a light texture for traction. Additionally, because the coins are small and close together, it’s extremely easy to roll toolboxes and other wheeling items over the floor. Brian noted that the mats were laid down flat with no issues. Unline foreign manufacturers, our manufacturer lays each mat flat until they are shipped to the customer. Once they come to your home, they are simple to install and easy to modify. If you’re interested in putting two mats together, check out the adhesive and seam strips. Want to know if this is the best product for you? Order free samples.

Brian’s Words:

The two rolls of small coin flooring worked out perfectly for my garage. I epoxied the floor on Monday and put these mats down today. They are high quality and both laid flat, no issues. They actually hide some of the bad spots on my floor so these were well worth it. Here are a few pics, I cut a spot in each mat for the floor drains.”

Brian’s Garage Photos

Small Coin Mats

Brian’s garage looks excellent. The two mats are perfect for parking on. Because of the design of the small coin, Brian can roll on a creeper on the mats to look at his vehicles if the need arises.

Brian installed grey small coin mats

The width of the mats perfectly lines up with the garage doors! Our mats are available in a few different widths to meet your needs.

Grey small coin mats on grey epxoy.

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