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Chad's Clear Coat of Polyurea "Came out excellent"

Chad’s Clear Coat of Polyurea

Chad’s Clear-Coat Polyurea Project

Chad’s clear-coat polyurea project turned out beautifully! Before installing the polyurea, Chad applied a white water-based stain at 100% coverage. After that, he applied a grey stain. The concrete stain, in combination with the clear coat of polyurea, creates a stunning surface that, in Chad’s words, “came out great.” Chad bought two two-coat polyurea kits for his garage, one at 1000 sq. ft. and the other at 750 sq. ft. That’s a lot of coating! Thankfully, the polyurea has virtually unlimited pot life. Because of the extended pot life, you can take as long as you want to apply it. With the extra time comes reduced mistakes from rushing and an all-around less stressful process.

Ordering the polyurea coating in kits adds additional ease to the process. You get all the materials that you need for the installation. Our kits have enough product for the noted square footage plus a little extra so that you don’t feel like you are stretching the can. The kits are customizable to fit your desires for product color and flake. We love how Chad got creative with his concrete – the results are phenomenal. The clear coat of polyurea brings out the stain in his concrete.

Chad’s Words

I completed my floor on my 36×50 (1800sqft) shop this past weekend and just wanted to share some photos. I diamond ground the entire floor with a Edco 10″. I then applied a water-based stain in white at 100% coverage (8 gallons total, 2 coats) and then came back with grey accents (1.5 gallons spraying from about shoulder height and dipping down occasionally). I topped it off with your polyurea, 2 coats. Came out excellent. I look forward to working in there.”

Chad’s Garage Pictures

The garage looks fantastic. The clear coat of polyurea brings out the grey and white concrete stain to create a cool and unique-looking garage floor.  This large space must have been a lot of work – but it looks well worth it.

Full view of clear-coat polyurea project

As Chad was installing his coating, he reached out to us with many questions. We were happy to help. When you have questions, we are just a text, email, or phone call away.

Grey and White Stained Concrete with Clear Coat Polyurea

Chad told us that he is looking forward to working in this space. Who can blame him? It looks awesome!

Clear Coat of Polyurea on Stained Concrete



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