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Austin Full Broadcast Polyurea Garage Floor

Full Broadcast Polyurea: Austin’s Garage

Austin installed grey polyurea with a full broadcast of the Domino or B411 flake. He ordered one 500 sq ft three-coat kit and one 100 sq ft add-on kit. The fully broadcasted flake looks amazing. The mixture of black, white, and grey flake creates a classy look that complements the grey garage and white window framing.  Because he installed the polyurea coating, he had a virtually limitless pot life and could take time on the installation.  More time = higher quality in the DIY world because the process involves less rush.

full broadcast garage floor coating

Not only does Austin’s garage look great, but it is also incredibly durable. The polyurea floor coating is durable and chemical-resistant. Austin’s garage floor is impervious to hot-tire lifting. The floor even performs well in South Florida with all that salt! If you’re looking for a garage floor coating with limited prep that lasts for years, look no further.

Austin’s garage is a great example of a job well done. When it comes to choosing the level of flake broadcast, the choice is yours! With a full broadcast, the coating underneath is not visible. Some people prefer full broadcast because it looks like granite or stone. There are also more options for color.  If you wanted a garage floor that reminds you of your favorite sports team, you could choose a flake blend containing your team’s colors. A full broadcast gives you more flexibility than a heavy broadcast when it comes to floor color. A project like this does require three coats of polyurea. One downside of the full broadcast is that it comes with an additional cost of flake and that third coat.

Austin’s Grey Polyurea & Full Broadcast Flake

garage floor coating not epoxy

The garage space looks amazing. As you can see, there is snow outside the garage. You do not have to wait for summer to install this coating! Currently, Polyurea is approved for winter installations down to indoor temperatures of 35 degrees.

Up close, the flake’s full broadcast makes the floor appear as granite or stone.