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Jim's Diamond Garage Floor TIle

Jim’s TrueLock Standard Diamond Garage Floor

Hey Justin,
I have posted a review on Google with 5 stars, along with a couple of pics.
I’ve included them here, as well as a few more. To say the least, our use-case was probably a bit more unusual than what you normally see. Would be glad to know what you think.
We used 3×1 backerboards to bolster the baseboards over the tile edges where the matting needed support and toe molding everywhere else to get as seamless of a fit as possible without getting binding from expansions. Having said that, we’ve seen no issue like that at all. It was pure luck that we were already using paint in my office that matched your grey tile, so we used a band of that to just break up the eye line on the walls. 
As I mentioned in the review, we are very happy with the project outcome. Garage Flooring offers a full line of garage floor tiles!

Jim's 5 Star Review

Product used: TrueLock Standard Garage Floor Tile

Colors: Black & Silver Gray