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Golf Cart Mats

Golf carts have a long-recognized history of leaking battery acid. e get a lot of calls from customers asking about the best way to protect their garage floor coatings or the garage floor. First, it is essential to understand that the golf cart mat itself may discolor over time.

G-Floor for Golf Cart Mats

G-Floor makes a 5×10 PVC mat that has been used for years as a mat under golf carts. The product is available in several patterns, but we would typically recommend the ribbed garage floor mats in a 5×10 for use as a golf cart mat. Learn more about G-Floor

Carpet Mats for Under Golf Carts

Carpet mats also make a great product for Golf Carts. We have brought in a small quantity of 7.5x 10 mats that were cut for this exact reason. The nice thing about a carpet mat is the acid, and other liquids soak into the mat. Then, the protective barrier on the mat stops it from soaking into the concrete.

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Containment Mats

Containment mats are also another good option for protecting the floor. A containment mat is typically a thin mat with raised edges such as the Trucontain mat. The downside to a containment mat is they are much thinner than the other products listed here.

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Why Even Good Garage Coatings Need to be Protected

Typically, we would tell a customer that with a properly prepared floor, there is no need for a mat under a vehicle. Golf carts present a different issue. Battery acid leaking from golf carts is a common issue and in many cases, it can go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months. Even the best coatings will start to see the damage.

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