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Garage Storage Must Haves for 2023

Now that your garage flooring is planned or even installed, we wanted to touch a little on garage storage. The best garage storage is free garage storage. If you are redoing your kitchen, we are fully onboard with reusing your old cabinets in the garage — that is what we did!

If you have the budget for a product like BaldHead or Moduline cabinets, we highly recommend buying either direct. We have not yet found a line of affordable metal cabinets that we can stand behind. The imported ones either don’t hold up or get damaged in shipping.

High-End Affordable Garage Cabinets

In over two decades in this business, there is only one line of well-made, imported cabinets that we ever fell in love with. Well, two if you could, a line of stainless steel cabinets that just never took off. Ulti-Mate garage storage cabinets are fantastic. I think I told Tom (the owner) no three times before he sent me a free cabinet and told me to try it.

Overhead Garage Storage

With fitness equipment, mountain bikes and a gravel bike, as well as other sporting goods, our garage ran out of floor space quickly. We used some inexpensive Gorilla racks along the wall, but one of my favorite items for storage is overhead storage. Products like Monster Rack and others are also great options that you can find elsewhere.

Wall Storage

I love the idea of slatwall. I am just not ‘that guy’ If every tool in your garage has a special place and you want to show it off (or make it easy to reach) Slatwall is an outstanding product. Slatwall takes a lot of planning to do it right, and you want to know upfront what you will store on it.

For example, if you are storing rakes and shovels, you only need a slatwall at the top. If you are going to have a wall full of bins, hooks, and pegs for all your favorite tools, you will want to start at about knee height and finish no higher than a foot from the ceiling.