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Diamonds Vs. Coins – Who is really your best friend?

From garage floor mats to garage floor tiles, one question we are often asked is which pattern is best. While the question is very subjective and a matter of opinion, there are some general rules of thumb. As with most things in this industry, it all comes down to how you use your garage floor.

In general, coin pattern products are the best choice for a ‘working’ garage. There are a couple of exceptions. The RaceDeck Diamond pattern is a very low profile, and the Free Flow or TrueLock HDXT tiles are also great and easy to clean.

Many of our customers will comment that for animals or for garages where there will be a lot of standing around, the coin pattern is more comfortable.

Diamonds Have Clear Benefits too!

Diamond pattern flooring does tend to be easier to clean than the coin pattern counterpart. It is hard to say scientifically, but it feels like it has more traction too. Diamond pattern floors look amazing. There is just something appealing about a diamond-plate floor.

Don’t Forget Free Flow Tiles

Perhaps the most often overlooked tile is the free flow tile. Almost everyone who comes into our showroom prefers them. You can see them side by side, and they always look cleaner and stay dry.

Remember to Get Samples

The bottom line is you really need to see garage floor tiles or mats before making a purchase. This is why we have a free sample program. Having the garage tile or mats on hand before making a purchase is a good way to make sure you get the quality, color, and pattern you want.

In specific, for garage tile, always make sure you get at least two full-sized samples that you can lock together.

What about Smooth?

We have not found a completely smooth garage floor mat or tile that we are comfortable selling. Norsk Rhhinotec tiles and the BLT Levant garage mats have a nice texture to them but are otherwise smooth. The Levant mats are just really thin and it is worth noting that unlike most of our mats and tiles, the Norsk products are imported.