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What Is In A Polyurea Garage Floor Kit – And Basic How-To Tips

In this video, Justin goes over the basic contents of a Polyurea garage floor coatings kit and some very basic information about how to use the different components.

In this video, we cover:

  • Basic included components
  • Which application method to use
  • How much anti-skid to use
  • How many flakes are included in a random broadcast kit and how to apply
  • How many flakes are included in a full broadcast kit and how to apply
  • We also cover the best roller covers — which we include.

Here is a bit of an expansion of what Justin discusses in the video. Let’s go over what you’ll find in a polyurea concrete coating and some steps for how to apply polyurea garage floor coating

What Goes into a Polyurea Coating for Concrete?

There are multiple items you should get with your DIY polyurea garage floor coating kit, as Justin mentions, including:

  • Roller covers
  • Anti-skid
  • Flake
  • Polyurea
  • Pigment

Getting everything you need for your polyurea concrete coating will help you successfully install it based on your application’s needs. 

Polyurea vs. Polyurethane Floor Coating Installation

If you’re new to polyurea floor coatings, you might wonder what makes them different from polyurethane flooring materials. The fundamental differences between these two substances come down to hardness. While polyurea is a tough and hardy material, polyurethane is somewhat softer and less durable. Polyurethane is also less flexible than polyurea.

Generally, polyurea also cures faster than polyurethane, with polyurea curing within minutes, while it can take days for polyurethane to cure.

How to Apply Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Materials

In the video, Justin gives you some tips for using the correct quantity of materials in your kit, including the proper amount of pigment and polyurea.

With your kit ready, there are a few key steps to take when installing a polyurea concrete coating for your flooring. These basic steps include the following:

Prep the Flooring

Always prepare your flooring before applying your DIY polyurea garage floor coating kit. This process involves cleaning the flooring and removing contaminants and sealers from the floor to allow for proper adhesion.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

If your flooring has damage or wear that could compromise the polyurea garage floor coating, perform any necessary repairs to get everything back in good shape. For instance, you could use pea gravel or sand to fill cracks.

Roll the First Layer of Polyurea

Now you can start rolling the first layer of polyurea using your rollers. If you use flakes or chips in your flooring, you’ll lay them out in this bed layer.

Lay Down the Top Coat

The next step will involve applying the top coat of polyurea concrete coating, which will complete your installation.

Garage Flooring LLC helps simplify the installation process by providing 2 coat kits that limit the process to two simple coats. We also provide in-depth instructions to help you learn more about how to apply polyurea garage floor coatings. You’ll get all of the materials you need for a complete flooring solution, with high-quality products that can provide you with a long-lasting, durable garage floor