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Garage Floor Tile Options: TrueLock, RaceDeck TrueLock HDXT

There are a lot of garage floor tiles on the market today, and if we are being really honest about it, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. If not for two decades in the business, I might be convinced that some of these inexpensive garage floor tiles were just as good as the American Made garage floor tiles we sell today.

Video: Justin Takes a Look at RaceDeck, TtueLock, and TrueLock HDXT

As a side note, if you are considering PVC tiles, you might want to check out this video,

Price Considerations & Garage Floor Tiles

In the world of rigid garage floor tiles, you have three price points. You have some of the dirt cheap garage floor tiles. They are made to look like our garage floor tiles and others, with lighter and thinner engineering, and they are typically made overseas.

Cheap Garage Foor Tiles

Post covid, you might find these products in the $1.99 to $2.69 range. Products like Vevor from Home Depot look identical at a surface level, but when you start investigating, you find out they are lighter, cheaper, and made overseas.

To be clear, yes, I just linked to a cheap garage floor tile. We are not hiding the fact that there are cheaper products on the market.

Inexpensive American Made Garage Floor tiles are an option in some cases. Products like our TrueLock standard garage floor tile are a great alternative to overseas knockoffs. A standard two-car garage you will spend less than $75 more to upgrade to TrueLock standard over the leading foreign product.

Midrange Tiles – The Sweet Spot

Midrange Garage Floor Tiles like TrueLock HD, TrueLock HDXT, and the TrueLock Ribbed flow-through products are great options. They are generally in the $3 range. In our professional opinion, they are the sweet spot for th majority of our customers. They offer high-end features, quality manufacturing, and engineering and will perform in most environments.

The Best Garage Floor Tiles — For Working Garage

The best garage floor tiles We took a good hard look at brands like Swisstrax and RaceDeck. We wanted to make sure we knew the best tile for the person with the four-post lift, floor jacks that get used all the time, and a toolbox that would make you drool.

These customers are only a very small percentage of the market. Sure many of us work on a project now and then, but if you are working on vehicles day in and day out RaceDeck Diamond is the way to go.