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Diamond Garage Floor Tile Shop

Our customer used over 1600 Sq. Ft . of TrueLock HDXT Diamond Garage Floor Tile to redo her shop. She used Royal Blue, Alloy Silver, and Black. The shop looks fantastic, the customer considers it the best she-shop in town. We could not agree more!

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond garage floor tiles, as the customer points out, are easy enough to install. The tiles click together. In a large project like this one, the tile installation can be a workout!

In Her Words

Still have the back, last row to install but need to cut them so on hold for girl’s weekend. Lol install went easy enough but OH the quads and heels from stomping and ass from all the squats – one HELL of a workout!!! Ol’ girl can hardly do the down on sit down 🤣 It looks awesome!!!

Best she shop in [Omitted]! Or at least I think so lol

And the owner is fabulous! Great customer service! I highly recommend. Don’t waste your time on the cheaper stuff you’ll regret it.