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Garage Floor Cleaners

Cleaning a garage floor can be a daunting experience and there are a lot of great garage floor cleaners on the market. In the long run it depens what surface we are trying to clean and what the purpose of the garage floor cleaner is.

Cleaning Before a Garage Floor Coating

If you are going to coat your garage floor you likely need to clean it first with a product like TL915 ir even simple green. After you have cleaned the floor and removed oil stains and rust stains you will want to either etch or grind the floor.

Cleaning a PVC Garage Floor

Hilway Direct Neautral cleaner and even their stripper is a great option for cleaning a PVC garage floor. We would always suggest you go back with one of their protectants as well and make sure that the floor stay clean and stain free.

Garage Floor TIle Cleaner

We purchase an after market garage floor tile cleaner from Racedeck. It works very well and removes most dirt and stains. They also have a product to add some gloss back, but this type of proudct will take constant maintainence.