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How Much Should Garage Floor Tile Cost

We get a lot of questions about what a garage floor tile should cost. There are several factors. First, understand that pricing in this article is for illustration purposes and may change over time. This pricing is accurate as of 09/12/2023.

How Much Do DIY Garage Floor Tiles Cost?

First, you want a 1/2″ thick, Polypropylene garage floor tile that is American-made. There are a lot of good brands on the market. TrueLock, Swisstrax, and RaceDeck to name a few. There are also a lot of knock-off products; these are produced overseas and generally do not compare.

In general, you will pay $2.89 – $4.79 for a quality US Made tiles

How Much Does it Cost to Have Garage Floor Tiles Installed

While these numbers will vary some based on the market and the tile selected, You are generally looking at $6 to $10 / Sq.Ft to have garage floor tiles installed for you. A better question is why would you pay someone to install a product that just snaps together?

The Less Expensive Tiles Look Just Like The More Expensive Tiles

That is until you look closely. Most of our garage floor tiles use patented interlocking systems and substructures. They are engineered to withstand load and they are made in quality, American factories. If you flip over a garage floor tile that is made overseas you will be shocked at the difference in substructure.