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John says that his TrueLock HDXT coin tile flooring looks great.

Alloy TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles: John’s Garage

John installed the TrueLock HDXT coin tiles in his garage. The flooring looks absolutely fantastic in his workshop. The alloy color creates an industrial look that would make anyone want to get work done in this garage. Additionally, as John points out, it is much more comfortable to walk on than concrete. The alloy TrueLock HDXT coin tiles are perfect in John’s space!

John’s Words:

The flooring looks great and moving my mobile tool stands is much easier. And there is the extra comfort of not walking on concrete while working in the shop all day. Thank you for suggesting this flooring. 

Easier to Move Rolling Toolboxes

We designed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles with workshops in mind. We took the engineering behind the leading garage floor tile and combined it with a profile that maximizes function for anyone spending lots of time in their workshop. The Alloy TrueLock HDXT Coin features small coins that are close together to make rolling toolboxes over it much easier. Another feature is the light texture on each coin that increases traction, reducing the risk of slipping or ‘roll’ away tools. The tiles are comfortable to walk on and easy to move objects over. What more could you want?

John’s Pictures

As you can see, many of John’s tables and toolboxes have wheels on them. With the alloy TrueLock HDXT coin tiles, he can efficiently reconfigure his garage to suit his needs for that day.

alloy TrueLock HDXT coin tiles in workshop featuring rolling toolbox

The tiles look fantastic in this space!

alloy TrueLock HDXT coin tiles in workshop