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TruContain Containment Mats

What Makes Trucontain® the Best Containment Mat?

To understand what makes Trucontain® the best containment mat in the business, you first have to understand the product’s origins. Garage Flooring is a Colorado-based company that specializes in DIY-friendly garage flooring products. Several years ago, a manufacturer brought garage flooring on as their primary distributor.

The Trucontain® History & Origin

The two companies worked to determine the best product, sizes, and packaging. The combined volume secured a high-quality overseas manufacturer with a commitment not to make for other US brands.

The original manufacturer decided they wanted to go direct to market and change the relationship with Garage Flooring. They also wanted to make the product cheaper and more profitable.

Justin Krauss, the Co-Founder of Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado, reached out to the original overseas plant and secured the relationship and the product. They worked to improve it, not cheapen it. Trucontain® and Trucontain HD were born!

A Better Fabric

Trucontain® decided to move the product to a gray color from a black color to help differentiate the product and to show less dirt and dust. But the difference between Trucontain®fabric and competitors goes well beyond color.

Our focus on quality means we use a heavier grade fabric on our standard product than most use on their ‘heavy duty’ containment mat. We also offer an HD version, which is about 1/3rd heavier.

Our fabric features a heavy emboss for traction and durability while maintaining a rectangular form with square edges. This maximizes surface area and reduces overflow.

Our fabric is knife-cut. This means instead of laminating multiple layers of dissimilar material, our materials truly become one in the manufacturing process. This means Trucontain will last longer and perform better.

The Containment Edge

Our competitors have gone to a “squishy” edge. The edge is less expensive, typically shorter, and allows the mat to be folded smaller — reducing shipping and storage costs. Unfortunately, these edges simply do not hold as much water inside the mat and can become water-logged in certain circumstances. If the edge becomes waterlogged while mostly surrounded by an impermeable fabric, the possibility of mold and mildew increases greatly.

Simple math tells us 3/4″ Vs nearly 1.25″ won’t stack up.

US Based Inventory

Several online competitors have emerged that have little to no actual presence in the US. Garage Flooring warehouses the Trucontain product in its facility in Grand Junction, CO. Additionally, Garage Flooring is fully insured with a US-based policy. Our support staff is also here in Grand Junction and available five days a week to assist. Customers who order directly from Garage Flooring receive the owner’s personal cell in case of an installation issue outside normal business hours.