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Are Garage Floors DIY?

DIY a garage floor? Seriously? It can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task for some, while others make the process seem more simple than it really is. We have a hard look at if garage flooring is really a DIY project. If you are not familiar with the concept, it may help to read about what garage flooring is.

The Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado Difference

Spoiler alert. We are going to answer the question first and then come back with additional information. Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC has been helping customers just like you with DIY garage floors since 2003. We have never offered professional installation. We do this by offering unparalleled support, including sending out Justin’s personal cell with every single order.

We completely believe garage flooring can and should be a DIY project, but we believe it requires the support and knowledge of a company that has been committed to DIY installation for years.

Understand Your Skills and Limitations

It is essential to understand your skill sets and limitations. While we completely believe anyone can learn to install any of our products, some people have physical limitations. Others consider themselves “less than handy,” and while this can be overcome, it might help to go with an easier-to-install product.

In almost all cases, you will lift or at least move heavy items.

If you are sensitive to chemical smells or have a small baby in the house, perhaps a garage floor coating system is not the best choice.

Understand the Limitations of Your Garage

  • What condition is the floor in?
  • How long are you able to move everything out of your garage?
  • Do you have moisture or hydrostatic pressure issues?
  • Do you do welding or fabrication?
  • Do you have appliances in the garage that you can live without for 24-72 hours?
  • How will you be using your garage?

Product Limitations

Garage floor coating companies will try to convince you that they are the end-all and be-all of garage flooring products. Garage floor tile manufacturers will assure you that their product is perfect for almost any garage floor. Companies that make garage floor mats will brag about how it is the easiest-to-install product ever. We are a garage flooring company. We tell you there is no perfect garage floor for everyone, but there is a perfect garage floor for you. We just need to sit down and figure out what that is.

It is important to understand that this article is not about garage flooring options. If you want an in-depth look at each product, we suggest reviewing our garage flooring guide.

DIY Flooring Options

Garage floor tiles are a great DIY option for the average homeowner and many shop owners. The tiles just snap together. There are three challenging parts to installing garage floor tiles. Cleaning out the garage, cutting the tile and putting everything back in. The rest of the installation is very very simple. Often you can rent a sheer locally. This is what we use. Otherwise, a table saw or circular saw will do.

Garage floor mats are easy to install as a parking pad. Installation wall-to-wall is a little more complicated. There is a lot of controversy as to what is easier to install: garage floor mats or garage floor tiles.

Parking pads are the easiest to install. Unwrap and roll them out. For wall-to-wall garage flooring, we believe tile is less complicated. garage floor mats require long, straight cuts, advanced seaming techniques, and in some cases, adhesives or tapes.

Our biggest issue with garage floor mats is they will stain over time. While it is possible a rigid garage tile might stain, you can easily replace a single tile. With a mat or roll-out garage flooring, you are replacing a larger piece. Generally speaking, tiles are much more difficult to stain.

Garage floor coatings are definitely the most difficult product to install properly. That said, we have a saying here. “A homeowner can make a mistake on a garage floor coating installation, but to really screw it up takes a professional.”

We say this because as a homeowner, you have a vested interest in the installation. If you take the time and learn how to do it properly, you will be successful.

When to Hire A Professional

There are circumstances when a professional is needed. If your floor has major structural issues or is so pitted it is going to need a skim coat before coating, we highly advise that you consult a professional first. For coatings in particular, we find the process of getting a quote from a foundation repair specialist to be very helpful.

Final Thoughts

We would never recommend embarking on a DIY garage flooring project without the proper support. That is why garage forums are filled with failures of garage floors purchased from overseas suppliers and home centers. Our expert team here at Garage Flooring can help guide you every step of the way, from product selection to design to installation, and if needed, even repair.