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garage floor tile and garage transformation

Lynn’s Garage Floor Tile and Garage Transformation

Lynn Sourced Garage Cabinets (Elsewhere) and Our HDXT Diamond Tile to Completely Transform His Garage

We don’t often post about products purchased elsewhere but the combination of our garage floor tiles and these garage floor cabinets made for an unbelievable garage transformation.

All aspects of my dealing with you and GarageFlooringLLC have been wonderful ++.
Attached, before and after photos of the Scheller garage project.
We wish for you and your LLC a great 2024.


Garage Floor Tiles Used

TrueLock HDXT Diamond Garage Tiles

  • Alloy Silver
  • Black
  • Red
  • Female black edges pieces at the garage door


Like the rest of his garage, Lynn decided to be original with the design. Instead of using a simple checker pattern he added a red border, but he also added a thin black bored to the front and rear of the garage. This gave the entire garage a unique look.