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About Us

A Better Garage Flooring Company
Garage Flooring stands out from the crowd. Not only do we offer Free Shipping, a Low Price Guarantee, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and what we believe is the best service in the industry, BUT Garage Flooring is a Garage Flooring and Storage company with the experience necessary to help you find the best garage floor.

Garage Flooring is an emerging leader in the online distribution of garage flooring and storage. Garage Flooring believes in providing the highest quality products available at the lowest possible prices. We believe in doing this without sacrificing service.

Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado warehouses and distributes goods nationwide from its Grand Junction location, contract warehouses, and certain vendors.

Garage Flooring is more than just a ‘.com.’ We are a thriving small business with warehouse space in Grand Junction, CO. We are staffed five days a week, and although we do not have a retail location, customers are always welcome to stop by our Grand Junction warehouse.

Garage Flooring is not just something we sell; it’s what we do. We have a highly trained and extremely experienced staff dedicated to helping you choose the best garage floor for you.

Our dedication to service means we don’t just pull people off the street to answer your calls. All calls to Garage Flooring are answered by a staff member who has considerable experience in the industry. No call center, no operators, just knowledgeable people who have spent a lot of time researching the best of the best in the garage flooring industry –that way, you don’t have to.

Our company believes that we have more to offer the consumer than just a low price. That said, in this economy, we understand that price is a significant factor for most consumers. We guarantee that you will not find a lower delivered price anywhere in the contiguous United States or we will beat that price. The only exception is for stores that charge a membership fee and online auctions.

Justin Krauss is the Founder and President of Garage Flooring. Justin has been in the garage flooring and garage storage industry since 2001 and has been in the home improvement industry since 1990. In 2018 Justin and Riina Krauss reached a major milestone as they were able to acquire the website and company assets back in full — no more corporate partners! Justin is committed to continuing to personally answer many of the customer service requests that come into the office. Justin also spends time visiting the plants and factories where products are made, reviews the quality control procedures, and works with the manufacturers to develop new products or ideas.

Riina is dedicated to finding and marketing sustainable, environmentally friendly products and reducing the footprint of our packaging materials and waste. Dennis Williams, our long-time partner and developer, continues to manage and develop the inner workings of the website itself.

Many of our manufacturers have invested years and millions of dollars in creating the best products available. From time to time, we are so competitive that we will offer a national brand under our private label. This allows the manufacturers to continue to sell their products to smaller companies and private parties at a fair price while allowing us to bring you the lowest possible prices on the best possible outcomes.

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