Eco-Etch — Easy and Safe Way to Acid Etch a Garage Floor

You want a beautiful garage floor, but you don’t want to break your back and wreck your knees grinding the concrete garage floor. You are also not thrilled about the idea of working with dangerous, corrosive acids. After nearly a year of reviewing the product, we are confident it will perform similarly to acid etching a garage floor.

Pricing & Options

Due to packaging supply issues at this time, we are unable to offer Ecoetch directly. You can purchase it elsewhere or use Surface Gel Tek or Muriatic Acid. Please follow instructions appropriate for the product you are using.

Safer and Simpler

Eco-etch will not harm your flowers or corrode metal. It is also less considerably dangerous than working with muriatic acid. If you have been wondering how to acid etch a garage floor, Eco-Etch just may be the answer!

Basic Installation

For typical concrete, scrubbing with a deck brush will suffice. For extremely smooth concrete we suggest buffing with a 60 grit sanding pad while etching — as shown in the manufacturer’s directions. This product will not remove sealers or previous coatings. Acid etching of any kind is not effective on all floors.

Etches & Cleans

In addition to etching the concrete, Eco-Etch cleans it. That’s not to say it will remove years worth of oil stains by itself, but it does an outstanding job cleaning dirt off the surface of your concrete.

TL915 Concrete Cleaner

TL915 Cleaner has been added to this page for customers who just need a cleaner. TL915 will not etch the floor. TL915 is shipped directly from the plant and typically does not ship for 2-3 business days. For more information on TL915 please visit our concrete cleaner page


Coverage is estimated at 150 – 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Dwell time varies considerably and should be tested in a small area. DO NOT dilute the product for etching concrete. Use it full strength.

Requirements for Common Size Projects

  • 250 Sq. Ft. requires 2 Gallons
  • 500 Sq. Ft. requires 4 Gallons
  • 750 Sq. Ft. requires 5 Gallons
  • 1000 Sq. Ft. requires 7 Gallons


It is important that you read the product instructions and limitations as no returns will be accepted.

Instruction Note: We suggest this product for our Polyurea system or high solids system. We suggest grinding for 100% solids systems. We also suggest 1 cup of baking soda to 1 gallon of water on the initial rinse. Coatings are PH sensitive. If you do not use a pressure washer you must use a combination of a shop vac and hose to completely remove all rinse-water and acide before it dries. It is extremely imporant that ALL calcium absorbed in the etching solution and rinsing solution be removed or it will stick to the concrete and you may have to re-etch. Acid etching with any solution draws the calcium out of the concrete, but it does not destroy it. IT MUST BE REMOVED MANUALLY. Keeeping the floor wet, nothing allowed to dry and continiously powerwashing and where applicable wet-dry vac is a necessity. sd

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