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Better Life Technology has been a trusted brand leader in transit flooring, garage flooring, commercial flooring and high end printed flooring for years. In response to the recent crisis they have released a line of Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal Medical Flooring that is perfect for medical facilities, laboratory flooring and clean rooms.This product has a two week lead time

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Anti-Microbial /Anti-Fungal Medical Flooring

Anti-Microbial /Anti-Fungal Medical Flooring In an effort to assist the medical industry to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Better Life Technology has transitioned some of our workforce from manufacturing typical garage flooring and print media materials to commercial/industrial/medical flooring. By combining resources from our standard G-Floor® formulation and adding our marine-grade Anti-Microbial / MicroLock top coat, we have created a durable solution to supply flooring specifically for the medical sector. This new commercial/industrial grade roll-out flooring is UV sanitize during manufacturing and includes our toughest MicroLock Technology™ top coat, providing another layer of anti-microbial / anti-fungal protection. Available in three solid colors; Absolute White, Midnight Black or Slate Grey, all products have a ceramic surface texture for slip resistance and easy cleaning and are available in 10′ wide by 61′ lengths.


50 Mil Ceramic 120″ x 61′ - Anti-Microbial Top Coat

SKU: FF50CT1061

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$ 1799.00

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Anti-Microbial Micro Lock Technology

G-Floor® products for the commercial/industrial/medical industries offer an extra layer of protection with our MicroLock Technology™. This anti-microbial / anti-fungal topcoat is essential when needing to provide a sterile environment for customers and patients.

The Basics

G-Floor Anti Microbial flooring features a 100% solid, American Made, polyvinyl material with no fillers. The end result is an embossed surface that is 100% waterproof and protected against excessive wear. Not only is it easy to clean, it has superior stain resistance while still being rated for commercial and vehicular traffic!

The Details

Because this product is a highly specialized product we are unable to make any promises beyond the specifications provided and downloads available below. If you have additional questions they should be submitted in writing so we can obtain an answer from the factory.

American Made Medical Flooring

American design and production, this is high quality, highly tested flooring that is perfect for use in medical applications, clean rooms, and laboratories. Weighing in at 4 oz/sq ft and a ceramic texture finished with MicroLock Technology™ Anti-Microbial Satin Top Coat, this product offers G-Floor’s limited lifetime warranty. See warranty for more details.

  • Tensile Strength | ASTM D412 ………… Pass | > 800 PSI
  • Flame Spread | FMVSS 302 ……………..Pass | Did not Ignite / Self Extinguishing
  • Abrasion Resistance | ASTM D2240 ………Pass | Weight loss after 1,000g = 0.06g | Weight loss after 5,000g = 0.013g
  • Coefficient of Friction | ASTM C1028……Pass | Dry – 0.97 Wet – 0.91
  • Slip Resistance | B101.3………………Pass
  • Hardness | ASTM D2240…………………Pass | 90+_ 5 Shore A
  • Critical Radiant Flux | ASTM E648………Pass | 0.5 Watts/cm²
  • Static Load | ASTM F970……………….Pass | 1000 psi
  • Residual Indentation | ASTM F1914………Pass | 250 psi 0.006”
Chemical Resistance | ASTM F925

Chemical Resistance | ASTM F925

After 24 Hours, little to no change (Chemicals Tested: ammonia, bleach, inks & markers, crayons, black scuff marks, gum, rock salt, synthetic snow melt, acetic acid, wax stripper, asphalt sealer, roofing tar)

WarningWARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including – Vinyl chloride monomer; Carbon black; Ethyl acrylate; Titanium dioxide; Rutile (TiO2); 1,2-benzendikarboxylsyra,di-C8-10-alkyl ester, grenad; Nickel antimony yellow rutile (C.I. Pigment Yellow 53); Quartz; which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or Diisodecyl phthalate; which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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G-Floor Trailer Flooring Adhesives

G-Floor Trailer Flooring Adhesives G-Floor Marine adhesive is the best adhesive for going over an unpainted wood trailer floor. You should aim for 130 Sq. Ft per gallon. Can be applied with notched trowel or 3/8″ nap roller. We find rollers work best.


G-Floor Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. G-Floor to Plywood. 1 Gallon Pail Adhesive– Covers approx.130 Sq. Ft.


Price Each:

$ 98.00

G-Floor Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. G-Floor to Plywood 4 Gallon Bucket Adhesive – Covers approx. 520 Sq. Ft.


Price Each:

$ 323.00

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