Anti Skid Garage Floor Epoxy

Anti Skid Garage Floor Epoxy Color Chart

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Our anti-skid garage floor epoxy systems are designed for the consumer who wants a solid color floor. The system features two coats of our 100% solids epoxy in the color of your choice. If you are looking for a quick, easy and incredibly durable garage floor coating, we suggest Rust Bullet

Anti-skid granules are added to the top coat. While they do not stand out visually, they provide traction—while still allowing a relatively smooth finish. Note: No floor is slip-proof and all floors can be slick when wet.

Unlike many competitive products, this is not just another private label from the same companies that mass produce garage floor coatings. This formula was developed for Garage Flooring LLC and is not available anywhere else. It uses the highest-quality ingredients and absolutely no cheap fillers. If you are going to spend the time and money to do epoxy, do it with the best!

When looking at epoxy systems you want to make sure you consider the total Mil film thickness. Remember four Mils is the thickness of one sheet of copy paper. Compare our products to the competition’s.

Pricing on Anti Skid Garage Floor Epoxy

100 Percent Solids Garage Floor Epoxy Base Coat & Top Coat. VOC Free. Low Odor. Includes Anti Skid Granules.



250 Sq. Ft. Base & top coat solid color with anti-skid. Both coats have color.

SKU: 250AS

Price Each:

$ 299.99


500 Sq. Ft. Base & top coat solid color with anti-skid. Both coats have color.

SKU: 500AS

Price Each:

$ 599.99