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Images Flooring Guidelines

File Types

PDF/X-5 or lower, PS, EPS, DCS1, DCS2, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, ImagePDF, Image EPS, RAW


All fonts used in the layout should be packaged, imbedded or outline. Links need to be imbedded or packaged.


Images/Graphics need to be set to hi-resolution

  • Whenever possible use vector art as it can be enlarged to any size with no reduction in image quality.
  • Images can be scaled to reduce file size, however when scaled to proper output size they must scale to minimum 100 dpi.
  • Images taken from internet are 72 dpi and are NOT printable.


  • Color model set to CMYK or process colors.
  • Critical colors should be called out as Pantone® Solid Coated colors.
  • When color matching is critical, G-Floor Graphic™ can provide you with a printed proof for your approval.


  • Spot white layer must be created in the top most layer with a spot color titled ‘White_Ink’.
  • Choke the white layer by -.0125”


Rich black should be used in place of all blacks:
90%C, 90%M, 90%Y, 100%K.

It is important to note that by default Adobe In Design overprints 100% black onto whatever is behind it. There is a good chance you will see the background layers through the black. To fix this, use a rich black (recommended) or set your black to 99%.


Make sure that none of your design elements are set to overprint unless you are trying to achieve an overprint effect. White elements should never be set to overprint as this will simply make the white element disappear when printed.


  • ALL art must be created with a 1” bleed on all 4 sides, if being trimmed by Better Life Technology LLC.
  • 10’ in width art must be created with a 1” bleed on both sides of the width.
  • Art for 35 mil, Ultra, material needs to be 53” maximum width.
  • Art greater than 10’ needs be created in 119” sections for 75 mil and 53” for 35 mil.


Please do not leave unused design elements on the artboard


  • Artboards should be built to the size of the art. We will print the entirety of the artboard.
  • Final dimensions should be specified to G-Floor Graphic™. Please use proper scaling to reduce your file size.
  • Please email justin@garageflooringllc.com for artwork instructions