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Attic Dek attic flooring is an easy, affordable way for homeowners to increase storage space in about 15 minutes (per package). Attic Dek® attic storage system is the only system designed specifically for unfinished attic space. Attic Dek is manufactured in two sizes to fit either 16-inch or 24-inch standard truss spacing. The interlocking panels are lightweight and secured to the attic floor joists using five 2-inch screws. Metro’s Testing has shown that each panel supports up to 250 pounds, providing consumers a safer attic storage system that is affordable, sturdy and durable.

Price & Order AtticDek Products

Price & Order AtticDek Products



Attic Dek 16″ 6 Pack

SKU: 350406A

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$ 41.99
Attic Dek
AtticDek Attic Flooring & Storage

Attic Dek attic flooring is lightweight and easy to handle. It gives attics the storage space needed to get organized. Our product does not require special tools, cutting or measuring and reduces the risk of sagging joists, which could happen with heavier solid flooring materials. Attic Dek creates an attic floor while still leaving important wires, pipes and ductwork accessible.

Attic Dek can be customized to fit any budget or storage solution by installing small sections with more tiles added as needed. Only one person is necessary to install Attic Dek. This makes installation easy for the homeowner and more profitable for the professional installer.

If you do not wish to cover the entire attic, you can provide access to hard-to-reach areas when you use Attic Dek as a “stepping stone.” It can be installed by almost anyone. Attic Dek is sturdy and durable, with each tile supporting up to 250 pounds.

Attic Dek Ingenious Attic Storage Solution

Attic Dek is an ingenious attic storage system that allows you to organize your home and utilize space that would be otherwise wasted. At a minimum this system will give you convenient place to store all of those “precious valuables” that have been boxed away for years.

Measure Twice, Order and Ship Once

One of the most important parts of an attic floor installation is ordering the correct size. While your initial order may have free shipping, if you need to exchange one size for another it can become very expensive.

We recommend that you double-check your measurements before ordering this product. We will be happy to exchange Attic Dek if you order the wrong size; however, you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Attic Dek attic flooring comes in 16″ and 24″ panels. To decide which panel is right for you, simply measure from the center of one joist to the center of the next joist.