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Author : Justin Krauss

How To Keep Oil Stains off Concrete Garage Floors & Driveways

Garage Flooring LLC sells a variety of garage floor coatings, garage floor mats and garage floor tiles that will keep oil from soaking into your garage floor. But many of our customers are not looking for a high end garage floor coating or covering. They simply want to keep the oil leaks from their daughter’s first car from destroying their garage and leaving oil stains in their driveway. So, how do you simply keep oil Stains off of …


How To Install Garage Floor Tiles

Rigid Garage Floor Tile Installation Instructions — Wall to Wall Only

These garage floor tile installation instructions are generic instructions and do not override specifics provided by the manufacturer. These instructions are directly applicable to TrueLock Diamond, TrueLock HD, and TrueLock Extreme HD tiles. It is the responsibility of the homeowner and installer to make sure that proper personal protection is used. Always wear safety goggles, gloves and other PPE as suggested by any tools in use.

Prior to installation, we…


What Do You Need To Know About Garage Floor Coatings


Let me state that this article is a work in progress. My intent is to keep updating this article, but as of today, its far from done. So why let it be public. Because I am hoping you will give me feedback on what it is you would like to see — and even where it is you think I have it wrong. This is a blog post and not a substitute for product instructions or common sense.

What makes…


How to Open Rust Bullet or Polyurea Lid Locks

We have had a lot of customers asking about how to open one gallon cans of Polyurea or Rust Bullet with the white plastic rings. We find this video to be very useful. The 5 Gallon cans have multiple tabs that need bent back. We do carry special tools for opening the 5 Gallon Rust Bullet and Polyurea coatings. Typically they are not necessary.


Best Selling Garage Floor Containment Mat for Snow Rain and Mud

There are a lot of great containment mats on the market, but who has the best selling containment mat? Our biggest competitor claims that they have the best selling product, but the numbers don’t lie. According to Amazon.com TruContain® has 3 of the 5 top products overall in its category and two of the top three containment mats — including the best seller! Our competitor is next on the list with one item, but then they don’t show up…


Byron’s Garage Floor Tile Project

Byron used the TrueLock HD Diamond tiles to create an awesome look in his garage. Here is what he told us:

Couldn’t be happier with my new flooring. Attached are a couple of pics of the finished product.

Best regards



TrueLock HD Tile Review

Hello Justin,

Today I received my floor tiles and within 3 hours, my two car garage was completed by me alone. The tiles make my garage look exactly the way I wanted.

The buying experience via your website was a great experience. I am also grateful for the e-mail you sent me. Thank you for the level of service you and your company provide.

I know I will have friends and family that will want to update their garages….


Clear Polyurea on Concrete Kitchen Floor

This application surprised us a little. It is not something we market the product for, but man does it look nice. They used our Clear polyurea from All Weather Floors.


Stan’s Garage Floor Tile In a ‘Working Man

Stan used our TrueLock HD garage floor tiles. What we love about Stan’s garage is it is clear it is a ‘real’ garage. Now it looks awesome!
Justin, thanks for asking about the pics. The tiles were the last thing that I installed and in my opinion, they are what gives the garage a cool vibe. Really liking them a lot. Thanks, Stan


Good — Better — Best — Garage Floor Tiles

We have been explaining the differences between garage floor tiles for years. Today I listened to a newer employee explain it so perfectly, that we were instantly able to sketch out a graphic to explain. Within about 2 hours of first hearing it, the graphic went live on our website. It is truly the best possible, short explanation of our garage tiles.

Good: TrueLock Diamond. American Made. 5 Year warranty.
Better: And best value for most of our customers. TrueLock HD