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Best Garages of 2018

Happy New Year!
To celebrate the end of 2018, we wanted to share a few of our favorite garage flooring projects from 2018 with you. Throughout the year, our customers send us amazing photos of their garages. We put these photos (with permission of course) on our blog or on our social media sites. This year, we received several photos of garage floors that just made our jaw drop- and we can’t help sharing them with you!
Our All-Around-Favorites
Every year we get a…


Stacy’s Freeflow Garage Floor

Stacy’s Install
Stacy installed black, graphite, and alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles in her 625 sq. ft. garage. The design that they installed the tiles in looks great! Customers love these tiles because they allow debris or sharp nails to fall through the tiles for easy clean up later. This allows the customer a clean looking garage floor that is also safe to walk on.
Stacy’s Review
We love the floor, Justin. Can’t thank you enough. Totally easy process with y’all and…


Stephen’s Garage

Stephen installed the TrueLock Diamond Tiles in his 400 square foot garage. When it comes to garage tiles, many customers have questions. Justin, the owner, created a list of the top 10 most asked questions in 2018 and their answers.
Stephen’s Review
Stephen left us a 5- star review and told us this: Everything arrived in two days. Easy installation, and looks great. I’ve received many compliments on it.
What he installed:

20 TrueLock Female Edges
400 Grey TrueLock Diamond Tiles


Connie’s TrueLock Diamond Garage

Connie installed the TrueLock Diamond Tiles in her enclosed front porch and in her workshop. These tiles are very affordable and perform well.
“We finished our project! We decided to do our enclosed front porch and the workshop! Easy to install, great customer service.” – Connie


Chad’s Amazing Garage

“They seem to be very high quality, look great, and are easy to clean.”
Chad installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through Tiles. These tiles look and function great in Chad’s workshop garage.  We highly recommend these tiles because they offer a clean, safe space to work on. Any debris falls through the tiles and can be easily vacuumed with a shop-vac later. For garages with high traffic, some customers opt to combine the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles, because they are easily rolled over and…


Top 10 Questions about Garage Floor Tiles in 2018

We get a lot of questions about garage floor tiles. These questions come from our customer service emails. Justin’s supports the industry through his efforts in providing information about garage floors on various industry blogs, live chats, and of course phone calls. Much of this information is similar to what is in our FAQ section. This information is updated.
Should I use open tiles or solid tiles?
The tile that you use is up to you. There are different advantages to different…


Mike’s Trailer Installation

“It looks wonderful!”
Mike installed the G-Floor Small Coin Trailer Flooring which was adhered with the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Customers like the small coin pattern because it is textured, increasing traction. Additionally, because the small coins are closer together, it is easier to roll over. The felt backing on the trailer flooring provides an added layer of cushion and helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other products.
Mike’s Review:
The flooring turned out great! I used a 3/8 nap roller…


Jose & Laurie’s Monogrammed Garage

We are very pleased with the results!
Jose and Laurie installed the TrueLock HD Diamond tiles. These tiles are strong, durable, and made in America. The design of their floor is unique in that it contains their initials. The blue and silver colors look great together.
The Review:
We just finishing laying the floor in our shed that will be for our motorcycles, and we are very pleased with the results! The flooring was very easy to cut and work with for…


Thanksgiving 2018: Black Friday through Cyber Monday

We love our customers and they mean the world to us. As business owners, we could not survive without you. The holidays are a special time. This year we decided to be closed on ‘Black Friday’ so our employees could have a long weekend to be with their families. Don’t worry, we left the sale up and we’ll process your order when we get back!


Justin & Riina Krauss


Phil’s TrueLock Diamond Garage

“The tiles look great in my two car garage.” – Phil
Phil installed the TrueLock Diamond tiles in his garage. This garage tile performs like a $3.00 tile for a lower cost. Made in America, our True Lock™ Diamond Garage Floor Tile features our exclusive True Lock™ 6-point (per side) locking system.
Phil’s Review:
All items delivered on time. The tiles look great in my two car garage. I had a few questions, and these were addressed immediately online. The assembly went easily once I became…