Ron’s Full Broadcast Polyurea Project

“Your floor makes the car look even better!” – Ron
This garage floor turned out awesome. Ron used a 3-Coat polyurea kit and a full broadcast distribution of flakes. The combination of the flooring system and the wall decor turn Ron’s garage into quite the jaw-dropper. Not only does the polyurea look great, but it is also durable, chemical resistant, and easier to install than many floor coatings because of its extended pot-life. Additionally, we do most of the guesswork…


Cheryl’s Garage Transformation

“Great experience all around!”
Cheryl completely transformed her garage using the TrueLock HD Coin tiles. To design her floor, Cheryl took advantage of the Garage Flooring Designer on our website. She used graphite, alloy, black, and white tiles to artfully designate a parking spot in the garage. We think this garage looks great! But don’t just take our word for it!
Cheryl’s Testimony
After leaving us a five-star review on google, Cheryl shared this testimony with us:

I am not sure what my…


Karen’s Red and Black Checkered Garage

“We are thrilled with the results!”
Karen installed red and black garage floor tiles- and she has one great looking garage floor! Garage Flooring LLC offers a variety of garage floor tiles to fit your needs. And, if you would like to narrow down the options, check out  Justin’s choice for tiles.
Karen’s Review:
The people at Garage Flooring were so helpful. They answered all my questions (I had tons of questions!) and reassured me that this was something we could do…


Monique’s Beautiful Garage

“My garage floor went from kinda awful to WOW” – Monique
Want to give your garage that ‘wow’ factor? Monique got hers by installing the TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles on her 323 square foot garage.  The yellow border in this garage  makes everything ‘pop.’ These tiles are a customer favorite because they are strong, look great, and don’t trap moisture. If you are looking for a ‘Diamond Plate’ tile with a lower profile – to make rolling over them a little…


Michael’s Surprise Remodel!

This garage for Michael’s dad went from a cluttered, stained, and ordinary garage to a suitable ‘new home’ for the Corvette z06 carbon.
“He was in complete shock and loved it!” – Michael
Michael remodeled this garage as a surprise Father’s Day gift. And wow! He did a great job with the 264 sq ft garage.  The garage walls were painted to match the Corvette and completed with black and white checkerboarded TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles. We love the TrueLock Diamond…


Tim C’s Beautiful Truelock HDXT Small Coin Garage

“My garage floor turned out amazing” – Tim
Tim used the TrueLock HD Extreme Small Coin tiles and combined them with the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles for a garage that functions well and as Tim put it, looks “amazing.” We love the new HDXT Small Coin product because it is extremely durable, easy to clean, and has great traction – all of this at an unbeatable price!
What He Said:
“My garage floor turned out amazing. I was a bit hesitant at…


Nick’s TrueLock Diamond Tile Transformation

“We are very pleased with the result.” – Nick
Nick installed the TrueLock Diamond Plate tiles and the before and after pictures of his project are amazing! The size of Nick’s garage is 445 sq ft. In this garage and we especially love the unique pattern with which he installed his tiles. Overall, this garage is very impressive!
What He Used:

248 Black TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles
181 Silver Gray TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles
12 Red TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles
19 Black Female…


Bob’s Garage Project

“Simple to Install and Very Solid”
Bob R. sent us photos of his garage using our TrueLock HD Free Flow Tiles and TrueLock HD Coin Tiles. We love how his garage turned out; functional and beautiful. The TrueLock Tile Line is American-Made, strong, and engineered for greatness. Here is some more info on the project:

Customer: Bob R.
Project Type: TrueLock HD Tiles
Square Footage: 380 Sq. Ft.

What He Used:

84 Black TrueLock HD Coin Tiles
4 Red TrueLock HD Coin Tiles


Lonnie’s TrueLock Diamond Garage Floor

Lonnie used the TrueLock Diamond tiles in his 625 Sq. Ft. garage – and we think it looks AMAZING! We love the classic checkerboard-patterned garage with the blue and black border. The tiles that Lonnie used are an American-Made, time-tested tile with a 6-lock system. These tiles look great and are on SALE for $1.99 a square ft.
What He Used:

328 Black TrueLock Diamond  Tiles
116 Blue TrueLock Diamond Tiles
145 White TrueLock Diamond Tiles
31 Black TrueLock Female…


Kenny’s Race Trailer Floor

“The people at Garage Flooring were spot on and very helpful” ~ Kenny
Kenny posted his pictures and reviews and used the Small Coin Trailer Flooring in black for his race trailer and ramp door. We think the trailer looks great! The trailer flooring has been a huge hit in the industry since the product first launched. Request a FREE Sample.
The Project:
Customer: Kenny

Project Type: Trailer Flooring
What He Used:

95 mil BLT Black Small Coin 8’6″ x 100′
G-Floor Marine & Outdoor…