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Greg’s American Flag Garage

This garage is so cool! We love the American flag design that Greg creating the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. Greg used red, white, and blue tiles. To create a design, we highly recommend using the tile flooring designer.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles feature a low profile that is easy to clean and roll over. The tiles are the perfect combination of beauty and function!
Greg’s Words:

The install went great. I’m very pleased with my purchase. Justin answered all my questions…


Rickey’s TrueLock HD Coin Garage

“They Offer a Quality Product and a Very Competitive Price.” – Rickey
Rickey installed the black and blue TrueLock HD Coin tiles in a checkerboard pattern.  His workout space looks amazing! The TrueLock HD Coin tiles are American-Made, Strong, and easy to clean.

The TrueLock HD Coin tiles are an excellent addition to many garage floors. Each coin is about the size of a quarter. For a smaller coin that is easier to roll over, check out our TrueLock HDXT Small…


Jerry’s Unique Garage with TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

“It was a lot of fun putting the floor together.” – Jerry
We are incredibly impressed with Jerry’s design skills. Jerry installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles in his over-800-square-foot garage.  He used those tiles to create a cool bike design. We love this garage!

Using our Tile Floor Designer, you can design your floor in any way that you want! Then, print out the design and follow the layout during the easy install process.
Jerry’s Words:
Pretty excited about it and it…


David’s Garage: AWF Polyurea + BLT Mats

“You Need to Call the Guys at Garage Flooring LLC” – David
This garage looks amazing! David installed three coats of Polyurea and then added the BLT Mats for an extra layer of protection. The AWF Polyurea is an amazing addition to many spaces. The Polyurea is easy to install because of the virtually unlimited pot life. Then, the BLT Coin mats are even easier – just roll them out and trim to fit!
David’s Video Reviews:


Jay’s Checkerboard Garage: TrueLock Diamond Tiles

We cannot get over how amazing this garage looks. Jay installed black and white TrueLock Diamond tiles on his garage floor. The space looks absolutely phenomenal. Jay told us that the tiles “came out perfect,” and we could not agree more! The TrueLock Diamond tiles are a low-cost and American-Made option. The tiles have a six-lock system. Additionally, under the tiles, there are channels to allow for water to pass through and evaporate. The Garage: Read More...

Larry’s Garage with the Ribbed Tiles

Larry installed ribbed garage floor tiles in under three hours. The space looks absolutely amazing. We love the checkerboard pattern with the red and yellow lines down the middle that create separate parking spaces.

The ribbed garage floor tiles are an excellent addition to a garage floor because they allow materials and debris to flow through the tile. Those materials can be cleaned up easily with a shop-vac. Then, in the time between debris falling on the tile and clean…


Frank’s At-Home Gym with TrueLock HD Coin Tiles

Frank used the TrueLock HD Coin tiles underneath his home gym equipment. Although this isn’t your typical garage application, the tiles are versatile enough for applications in unexpected places. The tiles look great under the gym equipment and they will provide a barrier between the flooring and bench press. Additionally, the TrueLock HD Coin tiles are easy to clean, a super important feature for any space.
Frank’s Words:
Thanks again for a great, reasonably-priced, Made-in-the-USA product.
The Photos:


Corey’s Red and Gold Mancave

“I Have Been Getting Nothing but Compliments.” – Corey
Corey installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles into his garage. The flooring absolutely completes the red-and-gold-themed space.

The ribbed garage floor tiles are durable, chemical resistant, and easy to install. The tiles allow materials and debris to flow through the ribs. Easily clean the materials later with a shop-vac. In the meantime, there is a safe space for walking on.
Corey’s Order:

234 Graphite TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
215 Alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed…


Wes’ RaceDeck FreeFlow Tile Project

Wes installed the RaceDeck Ribbed Garage Floor Tiles. The workshop looks absolutely amazing! The ribbed tiles are an excellent addition to the garage because they allow materials to flow through them. This keeps the surface that you walk on “clean,” until you are ready to use a shop-vac underneath the tiles.
Wes’ Photos


Steve’s TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tile Project

Steve installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles. The floor looks phenomenal – we love the black and alloy checkerboard pattern. These tiles feature a low-diamond profile that is both beautiful and practical. Additionally, they are easy to install, many customers find that the installation process only takes a few hours.
Steve’s Review
I received my tiles within 2 business days. It was extremely easy to install and the results were fantastic. I have since referred several other neighbors to Garage Flooring…