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BLT G-Floor Edge Trim | G-Floor Center Trim For Joining Two Mats

G-Floor by Better Life Technology has launched an outstanding installation accessory. The G-Floor Edge Trims and G-Floor Center Seam Strips are the perfect accessories for the individual parking pad or for finishing off a wall-to-wall install.

The Edge Strip provides a finishing touch or picture frame look around your G-Floor Garage Floor Mat. It simply slides onto the side(s) of the mat. The Center strip provides a great way to join two mats while still allowing for expansion and contraction.

The strips are available in black or gray and are made from the same material as the G-Floor garage flooring. They are high-quality PVC and made in the USA.

The edge pieces are 3 1/2″ wide and add about 1 3/8″ per side to the size of your mat. No adhesive is required. As with garage floor tiles, we recommend black or gray edges regardless of the color.

Edge Trims/Center Strips

Edge Trims/Center Strips


G-Floor Edge Trim 25′


Price Each:

$ 39.99

G-Floor Center Strip 25′


Price Each:

$ 49.99