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What Do You Need To Know About Garage Floor Coatings


Let me state that this article is a work in progress. My intent is to keep updating this article, but as of today, its far from done. So why let it be public. Because I am hoping you will give me feedback on what it is you would like to see — and even where it is you think I have it wrong.

What makes me an expert?

I’ve had people imply that I was an expert in this area or…


How to Open Rust Bullet or Polyurea Lid Locks

We have had a lot of customers asking about how to open one gallon cans of Polyurea or Rust Bullet with the white plastic rings. We find this video to be very useful. The 5 Gallon cans have multiple tabs that need bent back. We do carry special tools for opening the 5 Gallon Rust Bullet and Polyurea coatings. Typically they are not necessary.


Clear Polyurea on Concrete Kitchen Floor

This application surprised us a little. It is not something we market the product for, but man does it look nice. They used our Clear polyurea from All Weather Floors.


Dave’s High Solids Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Project

Dave just installed our high solids garage floor epoxyy system (DIY garage floor epoxy kit).

Here are some pics of my epoxy job with your products, it came out beautiful.

The finished pic doesn’t do justice as the glare shows some weird ghosting.

Dave used:

TL829 Joint filler
TL015 Epoxy Primer
B411 Flake
High Solids Epoxy in Medium Gray

He also use some of our concrete patch.


White Garage Floor Coating – Polyurea

Sam used our white polyurea garage floor coating. You can find more information on the polyurea coatings here.


Clear Gloss Garage Floor Coating with Polyuea

Anthony just sent us pictures of his clear polyurea garage floor coating. He loves it and we do too. Clear coatings show off the natural beauty of variations of the existing concrete.

Wells its done and loved how it turned out! Better than I thought it would!!!


Marcel’s High Solids Garage Floor Epoxy Project

Marcel sent us some photos of his high solids garage floor epoxy project. He also used the Ulti-Mate gray garage storage cabinets. Wow did it turn out nice! It gives us a chance to talk about the difference between our high solids garage floor epoxy and our 100% solids garage floor coatings. Both products feature the exact same Part “A” which is the acutaly epoxy resin. The high solids version we add some solvent to the hardener. But why?



GhostShield 8510 Water and Oil Resistant Concrete Sealer

GhostShield 8510 Concrete Sealer is an improvement to the GhostShield 8505 product line and will be available on the same page shortly. SO what is the big deal? Ghostshield took what is perhaps the best concrete sealer on the market and made it better. TIn technical terms, they used solvent as the carrier instead of water. They managed to use a low odor, low VOC solvent that is legal in all 50 states!

Like GhostShield 8505, 8510 can be applied…


All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Instructions

All Weather Floors 2K Polyurea Installation Guidelines

General Tips & Information


Read this before installing

You may receive more tint and anti-wear / anti-skid than you need. DO NOT just use all of it. One container of tint is good for one gallon of coating. If your project requires you to use material in less than 1-gallon increments, you will need to measure out the tint. For example, if you need 1.5 gallons of colored polyurea you will receive two…


Jeff’s AWF Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

More photos below text.

Thanks for your help through this process. Here is what we did, and my (albeit inexperienced) thoughts:

• Light shot-blast followed by a grind
• Removed all dust

• 1 coat base color (3 gallons plus the pigment covered/837 sq ft)
• 7 lbs flake
• 1 coat clear (just under 3 gallons used, mixed with 24 oz anti skid)
• Cut in all edges, then rolled with 3/8″ roller
• 6 hours between coats
• Very easy to put down
• Phenomenal self leveling
• Never felt rushed to keep a “wet edge”

• I…