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GhostShield 8510 Water and Oil Resistant Concrete Sealer

GhostShield 8510 Concrete Sealer is an improvement to the GhostShield 8505 product line and will be available on the same page shortly. SO what is the big deal? Ghostshield took what is perhaps the best concrete sealer on the market and made it better. TIn technical terms, they used solvent as the carrier instead of water. They managed to use a low odor, low VOC solvent that is legal in all 50 states!

Like GhostShield 8505, 8510 can be applied…


All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Instructions

All Weather Floors 2K Polyurea Installation Guidelines

Follow all safety precautions listed on can. Work in well ventilated area. Where a NIOSH approved respirator, pants, long sleeves and gloves. Turn off any pilot lights and make sure no open flames are present during application.

Roller Suggestion:

Midwest Rake 9” 48203 3/8” roller or 18” 48209 3/8” Roller. Change rollers every coat and every 400-500 square feet. Available on our Polyurea page


As with all coating guidelines, these steps are not meant to…


Jeff’s AWF Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

More photos below text.

Thanks for your help through this process. Here is what we did, and my (albeit inexperienced) thoughts:

• Light shot-blast followed by a grind
• Removed all dust

• 1 coat base color (3 gallons plus the pigment covered/837 sq ft)
• 7 lbs flake
• 1 coat clear (just under 3 gallons used, mixed with 24 oz anti skid)
• Cut in all edges, then rolled with 3/8″ roller
• 6 hours between coats
• Very easy to put down
• Phenomenal self leveling
• Never felt rushed to keep a “wet edge”

• I…


Kai’s All Weather Floors Review & Feedback + Hot Car

Products Used

All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Gray & Clear
TrueLock ANti-Skid ANti Wear
B310 Color Flakes

Kai’s Words:

I wholeheartedly endorse this product for individuals at any level of proficiency.

Background: I am a relatively new homeowner and a novice DIY handyman.

Given my experience level and the fact that being single, I did not have an available second set of hands, I was looking for a product that did not require industrial preparation and could be applied alone. As my…


Time-Lapse Video of Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Installation

This is actual video of our All Weather Floors polyurea garage floor coating submitted by you of our customers.


Dudley’s All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Project with Lift

Products Used:

All Weather Floors Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

3 Gallons AWF Gray Polyurea
2 Gallons AWF Clear Polyurea
5# B310 Flake
2 1.6# containers Anti Skid

Unedited Feedback from Customer about Installation of Polyura Garage Floor Coating Process

Dudley W, Virginia
GarageFlooringLLC, All Weather Floors (AWF) Application
Garage Slab is 29ft x 18ft.
Concrete 8” slab at 3500psi, troweled finish.

Preparation and Application of the AWF product was fairly straight forward. This was the first time I had ever coated a garage floor and was…


Rust Bullet Pre Installation Checklist

Rust Bullet Pre Installation Checklist

We have found the following information helpful, before installing Rust Bullet. Similar information would apply to almost any coating or sealer that does not require grinding or etching. This list is not complete and is not a substitute for on the job common sense, technical experience and installation instructions.

Confirm that you do not have real smooth concrete. We see this most often with power troweled floors. If your floor is very smooth is is extremely…


Top 10 Questions we Get About Garage Floor Epoxy

Top 10 Questions we Get About Garage Floor Epoxy

We get a lot of questions via email and online forums about garage floor epoxy. Many of these questions are a daily, if not hourly occurrence. Here are some of the questions people ask most often.

Do I need a primmer?

Yes. While technically speaking primers may be optional, a very large percentage of epoxy project issues gone wrong could have been avoided by using a primer. The bottom line is…


Garage Floor Paint Ideas

Some garage floor paint ideas are better than others. In fact, one of the worst garage floor paint ideas is the concept of using paint to begin with. Paint your walls, paint your car or your house, but painting the garage floor is one of the worst ideas a person can come up with. That said, there are several great garage floor coating options on the market. Paint is just not one of them!

Why garage floor paint ideas are…


Rust Bullet Gray WIth 5# B411 Flake and Clear Coat

Our friend 03roadking from the Garage Journal sent us some great photos of his garage floor. He has a 3 car garage covering about 700 Square feet. He ordered a 5 gallon Rust Bullet, 2 gallons of clear and 5 pounds of B-411 Flake in the 1/4″ size. He had a sealer on the floor so he had to grind and did more coats than usual. He also did the moisture testing.