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Category : Polyurea Coating Projects & Reviews

Tim’s Polyurea Project

What He Installed:
Tim installed a 1000 Sq. Ft. 2 Coat Polyurea Kit in his garage and chose the B310 Flake. Tim’s floor is beautiful!
Why Stress?
We recommend our polyurea kits to customers for a few key reasons. First, the polyurea has a virtually unlimited pot-life. Therefore, you can take your time with the installation process.  The coating provides durability without the stressful installation process typically associated with an epoxy coating. Second, the prep work for this product is manageable. We…


Justin’s Polyurea Garage Floor

“Simply Amazing” – Justin
Justin used a Polyurea kit to install the AWF Polyurea on his 750 sq. Ft. garage floor. The polyurea combined with the random-broadcast flake application looks fantastic in his garage. We are always quick to recommend the AWF polyurea because of the extended pot life. The virtually unlimited pot life allows customers to take their time with the installation process, decreasing the number of mistakes.
“Couldn’t have been easier with the polyurea kit.”
We like to make things…


David’s AWF Polyurea Project

“The polyurea product turned my floor into a thing of beauty!” – David
David installed the All Weather Floors Polyurea in his garage. His floor looks beautiful. After researching other box-store brands, David chose the Polyurea. The product differs from other garage floor coatings because of its unlimited pot life and single-component system. Ordering the product is easy because Garage Flooring LLC offers a variety of kits to suit your needs. These kits eliminate the guesswork by providing all the product…


Best Garages of 2018

Happy New Year!
To celebrate the end of 2018, we wanted to share a few of our favorite garage flooring projects from 2018 with you. Throughout the year, our customers send us amazing photos of their garages. We put these photos (with permission of course) on our blog or on our social media sites. This year, we received several photos of garage floors that just made our jaw drop- and we can’t help sharing them with you! We also suggest you Checkout…


Clear Polyurea Applications

Simple application. Protected floor. Beautiful look. Great price.
Want to embrace the natural look in your concrete? Since the launch of the AWF Polyurea Floor Coating, many customers have jumped at the opportunity to apply a clear-coat system to their concrete. We love these applications for a few key reasons: First, the AWF Polyurea is more forgiving with its extended pot life – so you can take your time to apply it. Second, the product is also extremely durable and…


Customer Polyurea Install Video

One of our customers took to YouTube to share his experience with our Polyurea garage floor coating kits.


Danny’s Polyurea Project Review

Danny used the All Weather Floors Polyurea Coating on his floor.
Danny’s Review –
I selected this product primarily for its ease of use in installation as well as the availability of different colors as I was applying it to my basement, which is roughly 1,000 sq ft.
Everything on the basement floor was removed with the exception of the HVAC unit and hot water tank. The floor did not have any control joints and as a result, the slab had several…


Owen’s Grey Polyurea Kit

We Leave Out the Guess Work
Sure, trivia games can be fun, but when it comes to garage coatings, one wrong answer can costs you hundreds of dollars. At Garage Flooring LLC, we leave out the guesswork with our Polyurea Kits. You get the garage of your dreams while leaving the “how much product do I need?” to the experts. If you ever become confused, you can always ‘phone a friend’ at 800-956-4301, and we will be there to help.


Polyurea Process in Jeff’s Garage

Here are some amazing pictures from Jeff’s Polyurea project. He used a grey Polyurea with flake and a clear topcoat.

Before Prep-Work

After Prep-Work

Polyurea In the Process

Final Result!

And Of Course…A Close Up!


Dudley’s Polyurea Project

Dudley used Grey tinted Polyurea with flake. He told us “Preparation and Application of the AWF product was fairly straight forward. This was the first time I had ever coated a garage floor and was very impressed with the result achieved.” Here are a couple of pictures from his process:
To learn more about the AWF Polyurea, click here.

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