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Best Garages of 2021

The Best Garages Flooring Projects of 2021
These are some of the best garages of 2021. Our satisfied customers send us photos of their terrific garages throughout the year. All the images we regularly share come from real people who love their garages. This is one of our favorite times of the year, where we get to look back at some of our favorite projects from 2021.

While all our products are DIY, nobody has to go through the process alone….


Adventure Dad’s TruAlloy Installation Video

“The service I received over the phone and via email was OUTSTANDING!” – Tyler
Tyler installed a TruAlloy Garage Floor Coating and put together this phenomenal video that captures the installation process. This fun video will allow you to have an inside look at one of our new garage floor coatings. If you have more questions regarding this product, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-956-4301.
The Video:

Tyler’s Review:
Note: Tyler’s full explanation of his process is in the…


Mike’s Garage

“It’s been a while since I used your products but just wanted to say how awesome it’s been.” – Mike
Mike installed a garage floor coating in his garage. The space was completely transformed. As far as coatings go, we offer a few different options depending on the desires of the customer.

Of course, we have the product that everyone knows – epoxy. We offer both high-solids and 100%-solids systems. There are very few occasions in which we would recommend that…


Frank’s TruAlloy™ Installation and Review

“Very Happy With This Product” – Frank
Frank* installed our new TruAlloy™ coating. The product completely transformed his garage.  The TruAlloy™ is a single-component, metallic garage floor coating. This product is known for its abrasion resistance, extended pot life, and its protection against hot tire lifting.  For best results, use the recommended roller coverage – this avoids roller marks and ensures the profile required to protect your floor.

Frank installed the TruAlloy™ in his 2400 square foot barn. The space is…