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Ezequiel’s Garage Floor Tile Project is HOT

Here you are the work that my wife and I make in the garage. Thanks for the fast shipping!

Ezequiel and his wife did a fantastic job with their garage floor tiles! Like many of our customers they went with the TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through Tiles. They used the pre-assembled sections to create large 2×2 squares. They created a black ans silver checkerboard pattern with a red outline for the parking spot.


Dennis Flow Through Tiles for Garage Floor

Dennis used Alloy (silver gray), Graphite (dark gray) and black flow through garage floor tiles to create a high performance and good looking garage floor. His floor will almost always look clean and always allow moisture to pass through, leaving a safe, dry surface to walk on.


Glen’s Classic Car TrueLock HD Garage Tile Parking Pad

Great brilliant colored product, easy to put together & my classic is presented beautifully. We are ecstatic about the overall look.

Thank you,


Glen sent us an email after finishing his garage floor parking pad. He used TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles.

The vast majority of our garage floor tiles go in wall to wall applications. That said, using them to create a parking pad is an outstanding application and one that could be done more often.

Pattern Used: TrueLock HD…


David C Black and White Red Border Garage Tile

David C is halfway done with his garage and it is looking great. He used the TrueLock diamond garage floor tiles to create a Black and White checkered garage floor with a red border. Love the paint to match!


Brian L Shared His TrueLock HD Diamond Garage Floor

As a business owner, perhaps one of my favorite things is when a customer takes their time to post pictures of the floor we sold them to Social Media. Brian shared this today and we are honored that he is allowing us to put it on our blog as well.

Outstanding product!!! We love our new flooring.

We love your floor Brian! He used our TrueLock HD Diamond garage floor tiles


Dan’s Black and Red Checkered Tile Garage Floor

Dan sent us these pictures on March 14, 2017 and granted us permission to share. These are the TrueLock Diamond brand of garage floor tiles. TrueLock Diamond is a great alternative to cheap Made in China garage floor tiles. Dan created an awesome black and red checkered pattern with a nice silver gray border.


Mike’s TrueLock Diamond Garage Tile Project

Garage Flooring LLC is a leading provider of garage floor tiles and garage floor mats. If you have a garage flooring project that you would like us to showcase, we invite you to send us pictures. Here is Mike’s project. This is TrueLock Diamond.

Thanks to Samantha and your company I was able to finish this project on time. The homeowners went on vacation and were expecting a complete garage makeover. I ordered flooring from a competitor of yours and…


LIVESTREAM: Differences Between Garage Floor Tiles. Tile Basics

Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC has a quick and informal look at the basics of garage floor tiles and the differences between various tile products on the market. Garage Flooring LLC offers a complete selection of garage floor tiles and a premium offering of RaceDeck products


Matthew’s Garage Floor

Matthew is one of our customers. These are the photo’s he took of his ribbed garage floor tiles. These pictures were used with his permission.


Not All Garage Floor Tile is The Same

If you look at our TrueLock Diamond garage floor tile, it might look like a lot of other garage floor tiles on the market. The difference is ours is made with the highest quality raw materials, Made in The USA, and we WILL ship you two free full size samples to prove it. But hey, don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our competitor said in this chat.