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Category : Garage Floor Tiles

Bruce’s Red Checkerboard Garage

“You guys did a great job. I like the tile, and it looks great on the floor.” – Bruce
Bruce installed red and black TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. The garage looks fantastic – and so does the motorcycle.  The diamond profile differentiates itself from other diamond-patterned tiles with its extremely low profile, for easy rolling, while maintaining a beautiful diamond pattern.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles are strong, durable, and chemical resistant. We offer free samples here.
Bruce’s Order:

50 Black TrueLock…


Ash’s Garage Transformation Video

An Amazing DIY Project
Some people go above and beyond when designing their garage. This is undoubtedly the case in Ash’s garage that she remodelled with her family. From the fantastic DIY wall decor to the TrueLock HD Diamond garage tiles – this garage is STUNNING.

The TrueLock HD Diamond garage tiles feature a double-diamond surface. We offer free samples here. The tiles are durable, fungus resistant, and made in the USA.

Ash created an amazing installation video where she shows everything…


Neil’s TrueLock HD Ribbed Floor

“I Love the Colors and How the Floor Design Looks in my Garage”
Neil installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage floor tiles in his garage. We love how the garage turned out. Before, a stained-concrete and boring garage. After, a beautiful and vibrant garage space. Additionally, this garage is as functional as it is beautiful. The free-flow tiles allow debris to fall through for clean-up later. Furthermore, the tile leaves a clean space for walking. While we love this garage,…


Garage Transformation Video: TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles

An Amazing Transformation
David installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles – he sent us this video of the process. The project turned out amazing. These tiles are beautiful, functional, and durable. As you can see, the tiles are also easy to install.

David’s Order:
For the 472 sq/ft TrueLock HDXT Diamond tile project, David paid about $1250, plus tax depending on where he lives. The following is what he ordered:

10 Black TrueLock HD Female Edges
10 Alloy TrueLock HD Female Edges


Gorka’s Man Cave

Happy customer! – Gorka
He is the social distancing champion – and has a sign to prove it! Gorka installed TrueLock Diamond garage floor tiles in his Man Cave – the checkerboard tiles complete the retro look of the space. This Man Cave – the layout, floor, and decor, is perfect and leaves us with a lot of garage envy.

Gorka used black and white tiles for this living-only space. As in, he has no cars parked – except for the cool…


James’ Amazing TrueLock HDXT Diamond Garage

My garage is amazing.
James installed the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. The floor, the car, and the decor all create an amazing space. Customers opt for the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles for their low profile, high durability, and attractiveness. The low-profile tiles allow items to easily roll over the surface fo the garage.
James’ Review
My garage is amazing. They are super simple to work with and everything arrived on time! I highly recommend Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado! LOVE these guys….


Lynn’s Lovely TrueLock HDXT Coin Garage

From Ordinary to Spectacular
The transformation of this garage is fantastic. Before, Lynn’s garage was unorganized. The concrete was cracked and stained. After, the garage is absolutely beautiful. Lynn installed the TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles. Additionally, she organized her garage. The combination of garage tiles and organization turned an ordinary garage into a spectacular new space. The beauty of the garage almost matches the beauty of her car.
Easy to Install
The TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles are beautiful, functional, and easy-to-install. The…


Gary’s TrueLock HDXT Small Coin Garage

Gary sent these beautiful photos of his garage. Both the garage and the taxidermy look amazing.  He installed the TrueLock HDXT Small Coin garage, and it turned out amazing! We love the TrueLock HDXT tiles because of their design and function. The tiles have a lightly textured surface to promote traction. The coins are close together to allow them to be easily rolled over.

Gary used red, gray, and black tiles in his eye-catching garage floor design!

Check out these awesome…


Reda’s Fantastic TrueLock HDXT Diamond Project

“I would recommend to anyone.”
Reda spent days mapping out the pattern for his garage floor tiles- his work certainly paid off. He elected the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles, and the results are phenomenal. The car. The tiles. Both create a fantastic space that will leave neighbors envious – from at least 6 feet away, of course.

The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles are known for their sleek and functional design. The diamond profile is true to its name in that it…


Janice’s Gorgeous RaceDeck® Free-Flow Garage

“One Happy Customer”
This garage is absolutely beautiful- and so is that Tesla! Janice installed the RaceDeck® Free-Flow tiles in her 400-square foot garage. The blue tiles perfectly complement her car. She clearly did an amazing job with the installation.
“Less than 3 Hours”
Janice installed her tiles in less than three hours. Customers love these tiles because they are easy and fast to install. The free-flow tiles are a practical and sleek option for many customers. To order samples, click here.