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Category : Garage Flooring and Storage Project – Justin’s Garage

A Two Year Old Can Install It

Jonathan Decides to Take Over G-Floor Installation

Last night we were working from the master roll we had ordered. Since we were dealing with a 100′ roll of G-Floor small coin, we had to cut it down into smaller workable pieces. Apparently I was working to slow and needed some additional assistance


Part 1: The Before Video of Justin’s Garage

Justin’s Garage Before G-Floor and Garage Storage Products

As promised here is some before video so you have a good idea of what we are up against and perhaps how impossible this garage flooring project might be with some of the products on the market.

Those are some large saw cuts for expansion joints and there are a lot of oil and other unknown stains on the floor. For epoxy, as an example we would have to grind the floor,…


Our Garage — Justin’s Garage Flooring and Garage Storage Project

Our Garage Flooring and Garage Storage Project

One of the fun things about being in this industry is having the chance to use the products we sell. Our Family is moving into a new home in Fruita, CO and we thought we would share our project as it goes along.
I know some people are probably thinking that this is going to be a high-end house with a set of garage flooring and garage storage products that most people could not…


Overhead Storage Form My Garage

Why Start with Hyloft Overhead Storage for the Garage
If your looking at garage flooring & garage storage products, chances are you are a little overwhelmed and trying to figure out where to start and how much money to spend. Overhead storage from Hyloft is a great place to start and organize your garage.

Overhead storage is not going to be a complete garage storage solution, but its a great place to start. It will free up some space so you can start…