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Category : Garage Storage

Hyloft overhead Storage

Hyloft Overhead Storage is one of the simplest, easiest to install and affordable methods of garage storage on the market today. In about 20 minutes you can get countless items off your garage floor and stored out of the way.

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Hyloft overhead storage is suspended from your ceiling using four east to attache ‘feet’. They are attached into a joist. After all four legs are connected you simply lay the rack in place…


Overhead Storage Form My Garage

Why Start with Hyloft Overhead Storage for the Garage
If your looking at garage flooring & garage storage products, chances are you are a little overwhelmed and trying to figure out where to start and how much money to spend. Overhead storage from Hyloft is a great place to start and organize your garage.

Overhead storage is not going to be a complete garage storage solution, but its a great place to start. It will free up some space so you can start…


10 Tips to Saving Money On Garage Flooring & Storage Products

Garage Flooring Coupon Codes | How to Save Money On your Garage Floor
E commerce has changed the way many manufacturers do business. You no longer have to get in your car and drive around to look for the best price. Because of this, manufacturers of garage flooring and garage storage have implemented a MAP or Minimum Advertised Price.

What does this mean to you? It means that for the most part, if you search around you are going to find…