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Category : Livestream

LIVESTREAM Differences Between Garage Flooring Tiles 2.0 UPDATED

We tried some new technology for this livestream. Today we take another look at the differences between garage floor tiles


LIVESTREAM: What Garage Floor Tile Edge Should I Use?

In today’s really quick video, we have a look at what garage floor tile edge piece you should use and how you should orient garage floor tiles. We have also uploaded it to YouTube.


VIDEO POST: TruContain Installation, Features & Benefits

The easy to install TruContain® Containment Mat is taking the market by storem and we wanted to show it off! In this video, we will show you how to install it, how it works and how it stacks up to the competition.


LIVESREAM: New Work Mat Coming To A Floor Near You

Just a quick video showing the new BLT G-Floor work mat. ABsolutely love this product. It is an easy and affordable way to add some cushion and protection in front of your workbench.


LIVESTREAM: BH Starfire Garage Storage Cabinets

Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC akes a quick look at the BH North America Starfire White garage storage cabinets. As shown in the archived livestream below, what separates these garage storage cabinets from other ready to assemble products in the industry, is the quality of the product and the components.


LIVESTREAM: Differences Between Garage Floor Tiles. Tile Basics

Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC has a quick and informal look at the basics of garage floor tiles and the differences between various tile products on the market. Garage Flooring LLC offers a complete selection of garage floor tiles and a premium offering of RaceDeck products


LIVESTREAM: Why We Love The SteadyRack Bike Storage Rack

Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC has a look at the SteadyRack bike storage rack. Perfect for large garages and tight storage units, the SteadyRack bike storage rack is our company favorite.