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Category : Rubber Flooring

Bike Shop Rubber Flooring – Colorado eBikes

We were honored when Colorado eBikes used our rubber flooring in their bike shop the first time. When they moved and did it again, we were thrilled. Keith K, one of their mechanics, sent me some photos and had this to say:

The best flooring I have used in a shop. Comfortable and easy to clean

Always fun to see our customers find new applications for products we sell every day. Thanks Keith & Colorado eBikes!


How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage

How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage
The question of creating a workout area in the garage came up (again) on one of the forums we frequent. The garage is becoming so much more than just a garage and the question of how to make the most out of the space you have is coming to the forefront.

When it comes to the idea of building a gym in your garage, there is really one major question you…


Rubber Floor Tile Video

We just published our latest video. This video provides a brief overview of our TrueLock rubber floor tiles, how to install them and the three different types of tiles you may see in any given installation.

Although this video was filmed in a garage, rubber floor tiles are not designed for automotive use. They are great for creating a fitness center inside the garage, just don’t park on them.



Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 110 Mil Coin 5 Colors

Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 110 Mil Coin in 5 Colors
When Better Life Technology Offered us the chance to buy some clearance 9×20 110 Mil coin garage floor mats, we jumped on the opportunity! Now we are passing the savings on to you! The offer is good while supplies last, and unfortunately they do not have any gray. They do have lots of black.

One important note. Please do not mix this product with other coin product. They were manufactured at different…


Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles have been a hot conversation of topic lately. First let me state to be clear that you absolutely should not use rubber floor tiles for garage flooring if you are pulling your car in and out of the garage. They are just not designed for that.
Garage Flooring LLC sells a complete line of rubber flooring tiles for other applications. For example if you wanted to put a home gym in your garage or in your basement,…