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How to Open Rust Bullet or Polyurea Lid Locks

We have had a lot of customers asking about how to open one gallon cans of Polyurea or Rust Bullet with the white plastic rings. We find this video to be very useful. The 5 Gallon cans have multiple tabs that need bent back. We do carry special tools for opening the 5 Gallon Rust Bullet and Polyurea coatings. Typically they are not necessary.


FAQ: Is My Rust Bullet Mixed

FAQ: Is My Rust Bullet Mixed
One common question we get from customers is about mixing Rust Bullet. After the product is mixed for 3 minutes, it is not uncommon for it to look like the image . There is no need to panic. This is completely normal. Of course, if you have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Diesel Fuel and Brake Fluid Resistant Coatings?

How do Rust Bullet Concrete Coatings Stand up to Bio Diesel & Brake Fluid?
I have this ridiculous notion that coatings that are applied in garages, shops and industrial floors should be resistant to the stuff that is used in those areas. Silly right 🙂 Now I have to offer this disclaimer. You know those TV commercials where you see a guy driving his car and doing a ridiculous stunt. Then they tell you ‘Do not attempt.’ Please don’t turn…


Rust Bullet Testing Summary

Rust Bullet Testing Summary



ASTM – B117
Seawater Spray Test – 500 Hours (3 Weeks)
No corrosion or loss of film integrity

ASTM – D4060
Abrasion Resistance
14,000 Cycles

ASTM – D522
Flexibility and Crack Resistance – Mandrel Bend
12% Elongation – Did not exhibit any cracking or disbonding of the film

ASTM – D2794
Impact Resistance – Rapid Deformation
28 inch pound level of impact

ASTM – D870
Seawater Immersion – 336 Hours (2 Weeks)
No corrosion or loss of film integrity

ASTM – D93
Thermal Stability
Flash Point 123 °F, Thermal Stability 314 °F



Salt Water Spray Test for Weathering

Rust Bullet Salt Water Spray Test for Weathering
This test is considered the toughest test for weathering a coating can undergo. Check out how Rust Bullet performed.


Impact Resistance Test of Rust Bullet Coatings

Impact Resistance of Rust Bullet Coatings
Lets face it. We are not kind to our garage floors. If we are going to coat them with something, we need to make sure the coating we use is going to stand up to the stuff we drop on the floor. Rust Bullet has been tested for impact resistance. See below video


Part 3: How Well Does Rust Bullet Stand Up to Abrasion

How Well Will Rust Bullet Coatings Stand Up to The Abuse it Will Take on Your Garage Floor
Taber Abrasion tests are an industry accepted method of determining how well a paint or coating will hold up to the constant wear and tear and abuse it will suffer in various applications. This particular test is very appropriate to  the abuse a garage floor will take. Rust Bullet coatings stand up incredibly well, especially when compared to the competitors.



Rust Bullet Testing — Part 2

How Well Does Rust Bullet Stand Up TO Freeze Thaw Cycles
Like a lot of the country, here in Colorado, we can go from below freezing and snowing to warm and sunny in less than a day. Freeze thaw can destroy concrete and many coatings products. This test takes a look at how well Rust Bullet does when exposed to harsh temperature extremes. This give us an idea of just how well it will perform when you coat your garage…


Rust Bullet Testing — Part 1

Rust Bullet Adhesion Testing
Few things are more important when it comes to a coating product than how well it sticks. Rust Bullet has some of the most impressive test results we have seen were a major contributing factor to bringing on the line.

In this test Rust Bullet adhesion is tested after being scored and an adhesive tape being ripped off. Rust Bullet tested at 100% as did some of the competitors. As you will see in the coming posts….