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Category : Trailer Flooring

Jacob’s Trailer Floor

Jacob installed a Gray BLT Coin mat in his trailer. The flooring creates a professional and nice-looking space that is protected.

For trailer flooring, we offer a few types of products. We highly recommend a product with a felt backing. A felt backing grabs glue tight and provides an extra layer of cushion.

Jacob’s Words:

“I have to say your product worked great and was easy to use. I can’t say enough good about it. Thanks again, we will be doing business…


Mark’s Trailer Floor: BLT Midnight Black Coin Mat

“Beautiful!!!” -Mark
Wondering how to upgrade your trailer? Follow Mark’s lead. Mark installed a BLT Midnight Black Coin mat in his trailer. The trailer flooring from BLT provides a beautiful surface and protection to your trailer. To properly install the trailer mat, Mark used the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. The adhesive is designed specifically for the BLT mats for installation outdoors or to plywood or wood substrate.
Mark’s Order:

2 Gallons of BLT  Marine and Outdoor Adhesive
1 28 ft…


How to Install G-Floor Trailer Flooring

Common G-Floor® Trailer Flooring Installations
This installation guide intends to aid in the installation of G-Floor Trailer Flooring. In addition to this guide, always follow recommendations supplied on the adhesive or by the adhesive manufacturers. We have provided the following, which demonstrates common installation instructions.
The substrate on which the flooring will lay should be smooth, clean, and dry. If it is wooden, any seams should be sanded smoothly, evenly, and should be level. This will prevent the seam from being…


Steve’s Trailer Flooring

The Basics:
Steve installed the BLT Small Coin Trailer Flooring.  He did a great job with the installation, and his trailer looks great! Not to mention the 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T twin-turbo Hennessey, which is pretty cool too!  The trailer flooring is American-Made in Kansas and shipped to you, directly from the manufacturer. We offer the BLT Trailer flooring in both pre-cut rolls and custom-cut rolls. Special pricing is available for OEM Trailer Manufacturers and may be requested here.
Our Recommendation:


Brian’s Moto Van Project

A Pint Full of Awesome
Brian, with Seat Time, installed the Small Coin Trailer Flooring in his Moto Van. As his slogan indicates, the flooring is “A Pint Full of Awesome.” Brian installed the trailer flooring on plywood. Then, he placed it in the van.  Because he chose felt-back small coin mat, Brian has a textured surface that is easy to roll over with the added cushion from the felt.

For the best adhesion, we highly recommend the G-Floor marine adhesive. The adhesive works…


Mike’s Trailer Installation

“It looks wonderful!”
Mike installed the G-Floor Small Coin Trailer Flooring which was adhered with the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Customers like the small coin pattern because it is textured, increasing traction. Additionally, because the small coins are closer together, it is easier to roll over. The felt backing on the trailer flooring provides an added layer of cushion and helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other products.
Mike’s Review:
The flooring turned out great! I used a 3/8 nap roller…


Kenny’s Race Trailer Floor

“The people at Garage Flooring were spot on and very helpful” ~ Kenny
Kenny posted his pictures and reviews and used the Small Coin Trailer Flooring in black for his race trailer and ramp door. We think the trailer looks great! The trailer flooring has been a huge hit in the industry since the product first launched. Request a FREE Sample.
The Project:
Customer: Kenny

Project Type: Trailer Flooring
What He Used:

95 mil BLT Black Small Coin 8’6″ x 100′
G-Floor Marine & Outdoor…


Bo’s Concession Trailers

Um Yum! Who doesn’t love some good food? Bo builds custom trailers at Texas Mobile Kitchens and uses our BLT Coin flooring to do so. As he puts it:
“Quality product, best price, easy ordering, GREAT shipping, I keep Garage Flooring bookmarked for easy reorder. The coin flooring is a standard feature in all of Texas Mobile Kitchens concession trailers.” – Bo Gardener
Here are some photos of our flooring in Bo’s concession trailers:




Trailer Flooring in Pop Up Store

Tony with Britten Productions shared one of their recent projects. They used G-Floor Levant trailer flooring to create a pop-up store.

We created a mobile Pop Up store. This is a shipping container and the sides fold down. Your flooring is on both side walls, the bottom of the shipping container and also on the roof of the container. The roof is being used as a lounge area. Thank you again for your assistance. Our client is…


G-Floor Trailer Flooring Marine Adhesive Coverage & Tips

The following information is for the application of trailer flooring using G-Floor marine adhesive over plywood substrate. It is important to note that the use of treated plywood and marine grade OSB has been known to cause bonding issues. This information is for informational purposes only and is far from exhaustive. Application instructions may change overtime and the consumer should always refer to the label for the most recent instructions. This information does not replace the manufacturers installation instructions.