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Category : Week In Review

Our One-Star Reviews

Our Business Model
As a small business, we rely heavily on customer reviews and testimonials to compete with our big-box store competitors. Upon ordering from us, customers receive an email from Justin Krauss, the owner of the company. In that email, they will find Justin’s personal cell number and an invite to call or text him with any comments or questions. Why? Because how our customers perceive us and our products is extremely important to us. Because we want our…


Week In Review July 18th

Garage Flooring LLC Week In Review 7/18/2014
Most of our blog entries are written to be informative, but this week we had a HUGE update on the installation of garage floor mats. In fact it is such a huge update that we have saturated the site with added links to the article. Why?

There is a ton of information out there about the process of installing G-Floor products. Most of it, even ours, could do a better job of making sure…


Week of July 11th In Review

We had some great posts this week to educate our readership. We covered a couple of great ways to cool your patio area. We also wrote an in-depth article trying to help educate people on what should and should not be stored in the garage. This article also covered some basic garage storage products and some very important layout tips.

Perhaps one of the most important articles we have written is a recent BLOG post on what to do if…


Week in Review 6-27-14

Week in Review 6-27-14
Lets have a look at what happened on Garage Flooring LLC’s BLOG this week.
Cutting a Garage Floor Tile:  We had a basic blog post discussing the best ways to cut garage floor tiles, what types of equipment to use and even the types of blades that work best in most cases.

Garage Flooring Options: This article took a look at the options that are available for your garage floor and which options work best in what cases….