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Coatings Tip Sheet

Coatings Tip Sheet
Important Note: This tip sheet is generic and is included with every order. For product specific instructions please contact Garage Flooring.

This tip sheet has been reformated and is available for a download as a PDF: Garage Floor Coatings Tip Sheet

• When mixing multiple parts, it is important to mix each part separately before combining in a larger container and mixing together. Make sure to scrape material off sides. If you are splitting into smaller parts, be sure to follow the mix ratio exactly.
• When mixing 2-Part epoxy products, polyaspartics and polyurea coatings, DO NOT leave them in the bucket. Mix and pour ribbons on the floor.
• For 100% solids products spread with a notched squeegee first then back-roll. For products that are less than 100% solids apply with a roller.
• For gel based joint and crack fillers, while they do not shrink, they may sag. If the cavity is too deep, use backer rod. Overfill then slice off as soon as the product is tacked up but before it is fully cured.
• For random broadcast flake projects, always throw the flake up for more even coverage. Broadcast section by section.
• On all broadcast projects it is important to scuff and broadcast material, remove any loose material and knock down any jagged or angular pieces.
• NEVER apply a urethane thicker than what is suggested, even if it all feels like it is being absorbed.
• For spray on densifiers, treatments and conditioners, let the suggested coverage be your guide and do not let the material puddle. If the material puddles use a microfiber mop to spread immediately.

Roller Cover & Recoat Times

TL015 typically is rolled with a 3/8″ phenolic core synthetic cover. 9″ or 18″ TL015 will be 6 – 10 hours for recoat or topcoat. Max recoat about 24 hours.

TL707 100% Solids is typically applied by pouring a ribbon and using a 1/8″ notched squeegee, followed by back rolling with a 1/4″ phenolic core synthetic roller cover. TL707 with color flakes will be 8 – 12 hours cure before topcoat. Max 24 hours. If you are using our high solids 707 skip the squeegee and go straight to the roller.

TL321 is typically rolled with a 3/8″ phenolic core, synthetic roller cover.

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