Containment Mats — Park Smart Clean Park & TruContain®

Garage Flooring Containment Mat Products

Garage Flooring is dedicated to selling only the best in garage floor containment mats. We recommend the TruContain® or the Park Smart Clean Park containment mat. Many customers looking at these products also found the Oil Absorbent Garage Floor Mats helpful. Learn more about carpet vs PVC mats

Park Smart Clean Park

Park Smart Clean Park

The Park Smart Clean Park is a vinyl containment mat with snap on edges.



TruContain® is a one piece containment mat. No assembly required.


Remember, Garage Flooring offers a full line of garage flooring and garage storage products including BLT Garage Floor Mats!

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Containment Mats are different from garage flooring. Containment mats for cars are designed to contain water, ice,now, mud, dirt and debris that falls off of your car.

This keeps your concrete floor much cleaner. Further containment mats keep the rest of the floor dry which means you are less likely to slip. Garage Flooring recommends the Park Smart Clean Park 50 Mil product or the TruContain®. We do not recommend the Park Smart Clean Park 20 Mil product.

Garage Flooring offers more than just containment mats. We offer a complete selection of roll out vinyl garage floor products. We have several styles of garage floor tiles. We offer a complete selection of garage storage products including Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets.

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