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Save 20% on SONAX auto detailing supplies with the coupon code SONAX20 at checkout. We turned the garage industry on its head. People thought you had to spend $5,000 on a garage floor or use an old piece of carpeting. Now we are doing that with auto detailing. Our mission is to teach you how to use a handful of select products to get a professional detail without ever leaving your driveway. Detailing is part art, part science, a lot of practice, and a full can of elbow grease. We’ll provide the product and the knowledge so you can get it done right.


Detailing your car starts with a good, complete car wash. Full line of cleaners and we walk you through washing the car, cleaning the wheels and crystal clear glass. We cover foaming guns and the two bucket method.


Detailing your vehicle from the inside out. We walk you through cleaning carpets, seats, leather, cloth, and more. From Detailing the dashboard to interior glass.


Once your car is washed and detailed it is important to protect the finish. We offer a complete line of ceramic coatings, polymer sealers and waxes to protect your vehicle and make it shine


Spray detailers and quick detailers are used when washing your car to restore the coating or sealer you applied when detailed. They also prolong the life of ceramic and polymer coatings


Detailing kits or complete car care kits make it easy and affordable to detail your car yourself.


Complete line of Microfiber cloths, towels, applicators and car was sponges


A great assortment of brushes for detailing any vehicle


Detailing Accessories such as foam guns, applicator sponges, buckets, grit guards, cloths and more


Everything you need to get the Perfect Finish. Polishing compounds, cutting compounds, tools and pads


A full line of bulk quantity professional detail supplies and products


Wheel and tire cleaning products as well as tire shine and sealers to protect your wheels.


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Sonax® Car Detailing Supplies

Sonax Auto DetailSonax® offers the highest-end, German-engineered detailing products for both the professional and the DIY customer. Stop by any professional auto detail shop, and you are almost certain to see Sonax® on the shelf and in use in their car detailing operation. Sonax Products are now in stock and live.

Car Detailing for Any Vehicle

Car detailing from a garage flooring company? Absolutely! Like your garage floor, quality auto detailing products need to be made available to the general public at prices everyone can afford. That is why we are building Auto Detailing 360. ™ Many of our customers have beautiful vehicles parked inside the garage. They understand that a lot of the damage seen on automobiles today comes from improper washing techniques. While car detailing is not easy, we work with brands like Chemical Guys® and Sonax® to bring you quality products and the information to do it right.

Auto Detailing For Beginners to Professionals

Our car detailing products can be customized for every skill level. Products for beginners all the way up to high-end polishing gear for professionals.

Exterior Car Wash Products

We offer a full line of exterior products for washing your car, truck, or SUV. These products can be applied using the trusted two bucket method, or a foam sprayer can be added for a professional-like detail project. After you have washed your vehicle we offer a full line of waxes, polishes, and ceramic finishes to protect it from the elements.

Tire & Undercarriage Cleaners

No car is complete without making your rubber shine. Both Chemical Guys® and Sonax® offer a complete line of car detailing products such as tire cleaners, protectors, and sealers.

Glass Cleaners

Auto detailing means cleaning your windshield and all other glass and windows on your vehicle. From cleaners to ceramic protectors, we offer products with a clear advantage over the competition. Chemical Guys Car Detailing

Chemical Guys® Auto Detailing Supply

Chemical Guys® is one of the best-known names in the car detailing business. They are a US company that focuses as much on quality training and DIY videos as they do detail products. They offer a wide range of mid to high-level products.

Truck & Car Detailing Kits

We are building some of the best-detailing kits for your car, truck, or SUV. These kits are based on what Justin uses to detail his own F250. From leather seats to ceramic finishes, we will leave your vehicle clean and protected. Now your vehicle will be protected while your neighbors drool over your garage floor!

Free Shipping or Grand Junction Location Pickup

While we ship almost everywhere free of charge, Sonax ® and Chemical Guys ® auto detailing supplies are available for pickup in Grand Junction, CO

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