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Diamabrush Tools For Grinding, Coatings Removal, Polishing and More

DiamabrushIf you are not in the industry, or even if you are, selecting the correct tools to prep and grind your floor can be very confusing. Diamabrush tools are simply put the best way we have found to accomplish grinding your floor for the application of a high build epoxy system. They have several tools available and we want to help you select the best one.

If you have knees of steel and you want to grind your whole floor with an angle grinder, Diamabrush has the tool for that. We would suggest their hand removal & prep tool. You will also need a shroud and a Dustless or comparable vac for dust containment. In the alternative, you can wet the concrete and grind it wet. Just make sure you clean it up as you go along. The hand removal tool works on bare or coated concrete. If you are removing an old coating, we highly suggest you work wet — it will save the blades.

Many of our customers have a floor that has never been coated. They want a simple and easy way to grind the floor. Most rental shops have 17″ buffers or sanders. Suppose they have a dust shroud get it. If you are looking to ‘grind’ a bare concrete floor with a rented buffer, sander, or LARGE propane-powered auto-scrubber the concrete prep plus tool is the way to go. Again in most cases, you will need the 25 Grit, 16″ CCW tool for a 17″ buffer or sander.

Some of our customers are in a situation where a previous coating has been applied. They will need the same equipment as above, except they will go with the 10 Blade Coatings Removal tool. In most cases it will be the 16″ CCW 10 Blade tool. This works on most coatings, dried adhesives, and mastics.

Please note that almost everyone who rents a tool will need the hand removal & prep tool as well.