Diamond Garage Floor Tile | Made In The U.S.A On Sale Reg. $2.49/ Sq. Ft. Sale Price: $2.29

Back order Notification: We have just been advised that all colors are on backorder from the plant and they do not have an ETA. We highly suggest Our TrueLock HD Extreme

So you want a quality garage floor tile, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. This garage tile performs like a $3.00 tile for considerably less. Made in America, our True Lock™ Diamond Garage Floor Tile featuring our exclusive True Lock™ 6-point (per side) locking system. This diamond-pattern floor tile is engineered from 100% virgin raw materials to create stain-resistant, UV-stable flooring that will resist gas, oil and other automotive and household chemicals. Furthermore, third-party testing proves that our True Lock system can carry more than double the weight of many competing products. No adhesive required.

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Back order Notification: We have just been advised that all colors are on backorder from the plant and they do not have an ETA. We highly suggest Our TrueLock HD or HD Extreme

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Quality American Made

Don’t settle for cheap garage floor tile, imported from China. Garage Flooring has taken a quality garage floor tile, Made in the USA and negotiated an unbelievable price. American quality at the price of a foreign competitor.

6 Lock System

Sometimes more is just better. Each side of the tile has 6 locking points. This helps keep the tiles together and prevents many issues associated with inferior locking systems.

Time Tested

This product has been around for years. We have had tons of reviews, including two video reviews shown below. While many products come and go, these diamond tiles have withstood the test of time.

While some garage floor tiles and mats trap water underneath, our tiles are elevated from the concrete surface to allow your floor to breathe and the moisture to evaporate. This means you can have a beautiful garage floor without the hassle of moisture that may get trapped below. Visit our garage floor tile page to view more of our high-quality products. View Installation Instructions. The Junk Man Adventures has published two reviews of this product. An initial review which is located at the bottom of this page and a second review after rough use which is published here: TrueLock Diamond Garage Floor Tile Long Term Review

Shipping Note: Small orders ship UPS ground and larger orders may ship freight.

What Edges do I Order?
If you are doing a wall to wall installation, you should order female edges. You will need 1 edge for each foot of the garage door. 16′ garage door means you order 16 female edges. We suggest black, but you can order colors.


Like all our products, TrueLock diamond comes with a strong manufacturers’ warranty.

Keep it Dry

Your floor will get wet and water will get to the concrete below. TrueLock Diamond allow the floor to dry. One thing to consider, tiles do not keep your concrete dry. If your floor has never been sealed, consider using TrueLock B4 first.

Great Looks

IMPORTANT TrueLock has upgraded its production on this tile. Orders placed after 1/10/18 may not match previous orders and will vary slightly from samples. If you need to match a previous order or for more details, give us a call!

This is one of the hottest looking tiles around for the money. You could easily spend 33% more to get the quality of appearance you will find in the TrueLock Diamond garage floor tile.

Our True Lock™ Diamond Garage Floor Tile is the obvious choice if you are looking for a diamond-tread look in an affordable, quality, American-made garage floor tile that is perfect for the “Do-It-Yourself” installation.

True Lock™ Garage Floor Tiles just snap together and lock into place. Unlike other kindsDiamond Garage Floor Tile with less lock, these tiles are not as likely to separate when you pull your vehicle in and make adjustments to your wheels.

The True Lock™ diamond-pattern floor tile is not limited to use in garages. It has been used in basements, businesses, retail floors, game rooms, car shows, trade show floors, and many other locations.

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Edges are made male and female. You want to order female edges for the area by the garage door. Male edges are flat and have pegs underneath them. Female edges have loops. Edges are 3″ x 12″. The blue edge below is male. The black edge below is female.
Male Edge
Female Edge