Drymate Max

Drymate Max Garage Floor & Small Vehicle Mats

Drymate has been an industry leader in garage floor mats and small vehicle mats and now they have gone a step further. Drymate Max is heavier, thicker and more resilient to the traffic in your garage

Drymate Max is the new standard in carpet type  mats for the garage floor. The Drymate MAX product is thicker, stronger and more absorbent than the original Drymate mat.

Drymate Max Absorbent Carpet Garage Floor Mats.

 Drymate Max Absorbent Carpet Garage Floor Mats. The Drymate MAX garage floor mat is designed to protect your concrete by absorbing oil, water, snow and more. We STOCK Drymate so you have it faster!



NEW Drymate MAX 7′4″x17 Garage Mat. *** In Stock ***


Price Each:

$ 129.99


NEW Drymate Max 7′4″x20 Garage Mat *** In Stock***


Price Each:

$ 149.99