Torginal Color Flake

Flake manufacturers have moved to allocation and limited colors. They are expecting massive order quantities over the coming weeks and it will take a little longer to get out the door. We do have the stock flakes shown with our epoxy and polyurea systems.

Pricing & Options

Torginol has announced that flake colors are now on allocation and only 10 colors will be available. If you would like to order one of the flake colors below please give us a call at 800-956-4301. We will only be processing reasonable flake orders that are placed in conjunction with our coatings. We reserve the right to refuse and refund orders for just flake. Color Flake Allocation

Torginal Color Flakes

Garage Flooring has teamed with Torginol to provide a complete line of color flake, specialty flake and colored quartz for garage floor epoxy, polyurea, and other garage floor coating system. All of our prices include FREE UPS Ground shipping. Every installation is different, but we provide you with some basic guidelines for coverage. All product on this page is considered blended and cannot be returned. Coverage quotes are estimates. We tend to overestimate the amount of material needed so you don’t run out.

Color Flake Systems and Coverage

Standard color flakes are installed in two basic systems. Random broadcast and Full Broadcast. Full Broadcast is also known as broadcast to rejection. Random Broadcast is the most common application for our DIY customers. In a Random Broadcast system, you see the coating and it is ‘decorated’ with the flake. In a Full broadcast system, you cover all the coating with flake. Random Broadcast Color Flake Coverage: We figure 1# per 100 Sq.Ft. So for a 500 Sq.Ft. garage, you would order 5 pounds of flake. We have many testimonials that have pictures based on that coverage. here is one example: Tim’s garage Full Broadcast Color Flake Coverage: We take the total project square footage and divide by 5 or 6. So for a 500 Sq. Ft. full broadcast color flake project you would use 83 – 100 pounds.

Anyway You want It

Torginal has a full book of standard blends. We show the most popular products here but we can order any of their standard blends or solid colors, in 5-pound increments. You can create your own blend in 50-pound increments. That pricing is for standard blends, not mica, stone, marble, glitter or any other specialty item. Need help? We are happy to take the order over the phone!

Glitter Flake Blends

We offer several of our standard flake blends with a small percentage of glitter additive. We have made Torginal’s product information available for download below. Glitter flake is offered as a convenience. It is considered a custom item and may present installation hurdles not contemplated in the installation instructions. One example of installation changes is glitter flakes must be sanded.

Colored Quartz

We make Colored Quartz available as a convenience for our customers. We do not currently offer technical support on Colored Quartz. In general, Quartz requires .5 – 1 pound per square foot when purchasing “S” grade. We sell it in 50 lb increments and it cannot be returned. Quartz needs to be scraped or sanded before applying the clear coat and multiple coats of clear are required. Quartz cannot be returned.

Mica, Marble, Stone and other Flakes

We are making these products available as well, however, we have not worked with them personally. These products are considered custom and cannot be returned. We are adding a download with the product information for your review.


Colors on all products are for representation purposes only. Digital images are not perfect and will vary from monitor to monitor. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the color chart on your machine. If you need to be certain of exact shades, please call us to request a sample

Color Flake Tips

Installing color flake is not difficult, but there are a few things we have found that helps. First, you must always scrape the floor before doing your clear. In many cases, this can be accomplished with a wet dry vac. You simply want to remove any flake that has not stuck and knock down any flake that is on an angle.

Common Flake Blends

Top 24 flake colors for garage floors

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