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Floor Covering For Garage

Looking for a floor covering for garage floors? At Garage Flooring, that is what we do. We specialize in helping you locate the perfect covering for your garage floor. We provide free samples of many of the garage flooring products we sell! Floor Covering For Garage Home

BLT Garage Floor Mats for Covering Garage Floors

BLT Garage Floor MatsBLT mats cover your garage floor, usually in one or two easy to roll out pieces. BLT Garage Floor mats are the perfect solution for the customer who wants to cover their garage floor quickly and easily. BLT garage floor covers are available in Diamond, Ribbed, Levant and Coin.READ MORE ABOUT BLT GARAGE FLOOR MATS

MotorMat Sport Court Brand Garage Floor Tiles

MotorMat Sport Court Brand Garage Floor TilesMotorMat Garage Floor Tiles are an easy Floor Covering For Garage. They are a simple snap together tile which can be installed using little or no tools. MotorMat garage tiles cover your garage floor without the use of messy adhesives.READ MORE ABOUT MOTORMAT GARAGE FLOOR TILES

NORSK PVC Garage Floor Tiles

NORSK PVC Garage Floor TilesNorsk PVC garage flooring tiles provide the advantage of being softer and quieter than traditional snap together garage floor tiles. They provide the ultimate covering for your floor at an affordable price. NORSK PVC tiles are available in Diamond, Coin, Smooth and Vented materials.READ MORE ABOUT NORSK PVC TILES

Park Smart Clean Park Containment Mats

Park Smart Clean Park Containment MatsPark Smart Clean Park Containment mats are an alternative to covering your entire concrete slab with tiles or mats and can also be used in conjunction with our other products. We offer a standard grade and a Heavy Duty Grade. The Park Smart Clean Park Containment Mats have snap on edges designed to contain water, snow, dirt and debris.READ MORE PARK SMART CLEAN PARK CONTAINMENT MATS

Garage Door Thresholds

Garage Door ThresholdsWe offer the Park Smart Brand Tsunami Seal Garage Door threshold. Our garage door threshold is designed to counter-flash the weather-stripping that is located on your garage door. It protects the inside of your garage from animals, insects and water.READ MORE ABOUT OUR GARAGE DOOR THRESHOLDS

AtticDek Attic Flooring

AtticDek Attic FlooringAttic Dek is an easy to install precut, ventilated panel designed to attach to the joists in your attic to create a useable storage space. Attic Dek is available for 16″ and 24″ spaced joists and can be installed with very little if any experience.READ MORE ABOUT ATTICDEK

Ultimate Garage Storage Cabinets

Ulti-Mate Garage Storage CabinetsGarage Flooring now carries Ultimate Garage Storage cabinets! Ultimate garage storage cabinets are a high quality, ready to assemble garage storage cabinet. Unlike traditional RTA garage storage cabinets, the Ulti-Mate garage storage cabinets use only the highest quality materials. The main components use a high quality MDF as opposed to cheaper particle board. The hardware components have all recently been upgraded and the work surfaces are second to none!READ MORE ABOUT ULTI-MATE GARAGE STORAGE CABINETS