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Floor Prep Garage Floor Coating

DIY Installation instructions


To insure the success of your floor system, proper substrate preparation is key! (Concrete Prep)The best method of surface preparation is grinding. We recommend using a handheld diamond grinder or walk behind single-head diamond grinder for larger projects (250sqft) or more.

Grinding the surface exposes the pores of the concrete, which allows the coating to penetrate for a monolithic bond. A vacuum should be attached to the grinder to remove the dust and debris while grinding. Begin by inspecting the floor for discolorations from oil and other contaminants. Using a degreaser clean the contaminated areas and let dry. After the floor has dried, start by snapping a chalk line at the middle of the garage door track from one side to the other.

Next grind along the chalk line, being sure not to go over the line. Continue grinding the remainder of the floor until uniform in appearance and porosity. (Quick test) Take a little cup of water and using your hand, dip a few ounces of water onto the surface. If the water soaks into the concrete quickly, the surface has been properly prepared. If the water sits on the surface and does not want to be absorbed by the concrete, more of the surface must be ground to expose open pores.

Once you have properly ground the surface, using a shop vacuum, thoroughly vacuum the floor to remove all dust and debris. This will complete the surface preparation for a garage floor